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Hadar Goldin's patrol was engaged in an attack that took place 90 minutes after the Aug. 1 ceasefire went into effect. International condemnation of the apparent kidnapping was immediate.[1] [2] [3] Ban Ki-moon stated that he placed full blame for the truce violations on Hamas and ordered the immediate release of Goldin.[4] [5][6] Israel cited the kidnapping as one of several Hamas breaches of the ceasefire, and as the reason it was formally resuming offensive operations. However, Hamas claimed that Israel breached the ceasefire first, and that the attack in which Goldin was involved took place before the ceasefire came into effect.[7][8] Goldin’s unit was preparing to destroy a Hamas military tunnel leading from Gaza into Israel, when it was attacked by "Palestinian militants, including a suicide bomber". Two Israeli soldiers were killed, and it was thought that Goldin had been shoved through the tunnel by the militants. However, early on 2 August, based on the evidence recovered from the scene of the attack, Israel determined that Goldin did not survive the ambush. Hamas had issued a statement saying, “We have lost contact with the group of fighters that took part in the ambush and we believe they were all killed in the [Israeli] bombardment. Assuming that they managed to seize the soldier during combat, we assess that he was also killed in the incident.”[9][10] While there is no evidence that Goldin was killed by friendly fire, military officials did confirm that commanders on the ground had activated the Wikipedia:Hannibal Directive.[11]

Implementation of Hannibal directiveEdit

On Friday morning, when it still believed that Goldin might have been taken captive, the IDF activated the Wikipedia:Hannibal Directive, including bombardment of all possible escape routes.[12][13][14] Only partial remains were found.[15] An IDF inquiry concluded Goldin probably was killed during the initial battle.[16] Ten thousand people attended Goldin's funeral.[17][18]

Hadar Goldin Edit

Hadar Goldin (February 18, 1991 – August 1, 2014) was a Wikipedia:second lieutenant in the Wikipedia:Israeli Defence Force (IDF). He was the focus of international diplomatic and media attention on 1 August 2014 during Wikipedia:Operation Protective Edge when he was reported to have been captured by Wikipedia:Hamas during an attack on his unit by Hamas militants, .[19][20] The Israel Defense Force stated that it took place 90 minutes after a ceasefire had gone into effect.[21] It was subsequently learned that Goldin had likely been killed in the ambush, not kidnapped.Template:Dubious


Goldin was the son of Simha Goldin, a lecturer in Jewish history at Wikipedia:Tel Aviv University.[22] Goldin was one of a family of four children, including his identical twin, Tzur Goldin. The children grew up partly in Cambridge, England where his parents taught at Wikipedia:Cambridge University, and in Wikipedia:Kfar Saba, Israel. He was also a distant relative of Wikipedia:Israeli Defense Minister Wikipedia:Moshe Yaalon.[23] At the time of his death, Goldin had recently become engaged to be married.[22][24] In his last call to his fiancee before the unit's cell phones were routinely turned in before heading to the front, Goldin told his fiancee, “We’ll be back soon.” [25]

Funeral and memoryEdit

Ten thousand people attended Goldin's funeral.[26][27]

Goldin's betrothed Edna Sarusi was among the mourners, she spoke to the gathering, saying, "“I so wanted to be your bride, Hadar.” Two of Goldin's comrades, both slain in the same Hamas attack, were buried on the same day (of the Hebrew calendar), Major Benaya Sarel, 26, of Wikipedia:Kiryat Arba, and Staff Sgt. Liel Gidoni, 20, of Wikipedia:Jerusalem. Major Sarel's fiance, Gili, spoke to the crowd gathered for his funeral, saying, “I have no way of trying to explain my pain.” [28] In the days after the funeral, Sarusi gave moving interviews in which she spoke of her grief, saying “has this feeling, like maybe he’s not really dead,” that she “hang(s) on to a hope that, if they really abducted (Hadar), maybe there was a mistake in the DNA test, and that he’s hiding out somewhere (in Gaza) and will return one day.”[29]


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