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A Boy Born from Mold and Other Delectable Morsels is a 2010 Wikipedia:black humor Wikipedia:children's book by Wikipedia:Lorin Morgan-Richards.[1] The author’s second pocket-sized, handmade and handbound book, he returns with quirky stories of fantastical characters, from the titular boy born from mold named Ruin (or Rune proper) to a young vampire named Zoog whose parents are distressed at his distaste for blood.[2]

A Raven Above Press celebrated A Boy Born from Mold and Other Delectable Morsels with a circus themed book release party at Hyaena Gallery in Wikipedia:Burbank, California. Notable guests included Wikipedia:Angus Oblong, Spinestealer, Francine Dancer, and magician Joseph Schneider.

Welsh artist Jason Shepherd narrated the audio book that also includes an introduction by South Korean pop musicians Jay Hwang and Tae Sung Jie, and poetry by Lorin Morgan-Richards entitled A Welsh Alphabet.

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