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The word Antifa derives from Antifaschismus, German for "Wikipedia:anti-fascism". It refers to individuals and groups that are dedicated to fighting fascism (WP). These groups sometimes include the word antifa in their names.

During the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, the Wikipedia:Soviet Union sponsored various anti-fascist movements, usually using the name Antifa to describe the organizations. POWs captured by the Soviets during the Great Patriotic War (WP) in the 1940s were encouraged to undertake Antifa training. For example, Wikipedia:Pál Maléter, a Hungarian POW, became a Communist (WP) after undergoing Antifa training in Kiev.

Today, the term Antifa refers to individuals and groups that are dedicated to fighting what they call fascist tendencies. These include: racism (WP), nationalism (WP), Wikipedia:anti-Semitism, and sometimes Wikipedia:capitalism. There is a network of such groups, but they do not constitute a homogeneous movement. Depending on the particular group or individual, the ultimate goals may be quite different.

The terms "anti-fascist" and "Antifa" are almost exclusively used by left-wing groups. For these groups, the struggle against fascism, racism and nationalism is usually associated with a broader view that holds Wikipedia:society (or aspects of it) responsible, and therefore seeks Wikipedia:radical social change. Antifa groups most often view capitalism as related to fascism and racism, as well as Wikipedia:sexism, Wikipedia:homophobia and other perceived forms of Wikipedia:oppression, while seeing Wikipedia:communism, Wikipedia:socialism or Wikipedia:anarchism as desirable forms of social organization.

Groups which use the term Antifa sometimes use illegal methods in fighting fascism, and some elements within these groups espouse violent methods. According to the German intelligence agency Wikipedia:Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, the Antifa is a violent left-wing extremist movement[1].

Fascists are naturally concerned about the activities of antifa, to say the least. Immunized against irony by their feeble grasp of concepts, fascists have taken up a petition on the very whose active enabler George Soros they spew hate at, demanding that Drumpf declare Antifa a terrorist organization. As of 6th February 2017, it had 58,898 supporters [1]

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