The work of astrologers (WP) represents thousands of years of empirical observation of human behaviour, and the consideration of belief in their conclusions must be set aside from, at the very least, their classifications of human personality types, which compare favorably to psychology's Type A and Type B classifications not only in number but depth
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Those born under Aries are thought to be assertive, pioneering, enthusiastic, adventurous, humorous, fast-paced, energetic and passionate, sociable, good communicator, brave, action-oriented, individualistic, independent, impulsive, competitive, eager, straightforward, forceful, headstrong, a leader, focused on the present and freedom-loving. They can also sometimes be intemperate, violent, impatient, fiery, rash, extreme, and arrogant, impulsive, intolerant, insensitive, and bullying out of selfishness.

In astrology Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.

The Indian equivalent of Aries is Mesha , the Chinese equivalent is the Dragon.

Personality traits Edit

Astrologers are in broad agreement that the following are the characteristics of an Aries person:[1]

Characteristics considered positiveEdit

Characteristics considered negativeEdit

The Aries person is prone to being...




Suitable occupations are where initiative and enterprise are needed, and preferably physical activity; such as;


In love the Aries person is passionate. They have strong sexual feelings, may also tend to be unfaithful, and have trust issues.

In general, Aries are quite comfortable in their own skin, and are not afraid to display their true colors. However, once they have committed themselves to an objective, they are loyal, sometimes to a fault.


Suitable occupations are where initiative and enterprise are needed, and preferably physical activity; such as soldiers, surgeons, engineers, sportspeople, explorers and firefighters and good leaders .

Body and healthEdit

In terms of Wikipedia:medical astrology and Wikipedia:anatomy Aries is said to rule the cranium, jaw, facial bones, brain, upper teeth, carotid arteries, and nerve centers. Physically they are said to be tall in stature, and athletic in appearance. At times they have a leaner appearance.


In terms of mundane or political astrology Aries is linked with Avignon, Alicante, Exeter, Manitoba, Micronesia, Switzerland, Swaziland, and Sweden.

The following are also traditionally associated with Aries:

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