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Beat-parade '68

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Beat-parade '68
Giorgio Moroder

Beat-Parade '68 is a 1968 album composed, produced and performed by Giorgio Moroder, a pioneer of synthesizer-backed disco (synth disco) and electronic dance music. The name is a unique creation, but is, loosely speaking, a portmanteau of the concurrent terms "Beat" (WP) and "Hit parade"

Album informationEdit

The first compilation of singles of Giorgio Moroder before he made an album. it's almost a first album of Giorgio. This compilation LP contains several pre-disco tracks from Giorgio Moroder. A compilation with some songs written and/or performed, sing or produced by Giorgio Moroder (Giorgio).

That Giorgio is singing lead vocals on three of the four 'The Banana Crew' songs (not on Simon Says, on Simon Says he just plays instruments and Backing Vocals). he also acts as producer for The Banana Crew. and plays some instrument.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Giorgio - Yummy Yummy Yummy" - 2:18
  2. "The Banana Crew - Simon Says" - 2:19
  3. "The Banana Crew - Mighty Quinn" - 2:35
  4. "Giorgio - Love's Morning Lady" - 2:27
  5. "The Manchester Playboys - I'm Left Alone" - 2:34
  6. "The Jailbirds - Jailhouse Rock" - 2:24
  7. "The Banana Crew - Mony Mony" - 2:58
  8. "The Banana Crew - Jumping Jack Flash" - 2:49
  9. "Giorgio - Make Me Your Baby" - 2:25
  10. "The Manchester Playboys - Huff Puff" - 2:27
  11. "The Jailbirds - Jenny Jenny" - 2:46
  12. "Giorgio - Lilly Belle" - 2:16


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