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Beyond Treason is an 89-minute 2005 film by William Lewis and Joyce Riley.

It reveals a history of profiteering by chemical companies such as Monsanto Company (WP) who used war as an occasion to sell their latest products, such as (WP). The film gives details of US government testing of chemicals on its own citizens such as (WP) and Project MKULTRA |(WP). The film makes a compelling case that this policy is responsible for Gulf War Syndrome (WP), still referred to by the US military as a 'mystery illness'. The film suggests that the symptoms have a range of causes including cost cutting on safety equipment by military contractors, exposure to depleted uranium (WP) (DU) munitions or other unlicensed chemicals as well as intentional experimentation on American soldiers by the US military.

Beyond Treason won the Grand Festival Award at the 2005 Berkeley Film Fest.[1] The film is accompanied by a CD that contains supporting information that depleted uranium was considered as an area denial weapon (WP) in 1943.

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