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The anthology Moorcock's Book of Martyrs (Quartet, 1976) is a collection of some of author Michael Moorcock (WP)'s shorter works. It was republished as Dying For Tomorrow (1978) in the US by DAW. It contains the novella version of Behold The Man, which Moorcock later expanded to a full novel. Flux was written with Wikipedia:Barrington J. Bayley.

  • A Dead Singer (AKA Dead Singers) (1974) A novelette about a drugged-up and burnt-out roadie named Mo. A resurrected Wikipedia:Jimi Hendrix accompanies him on his travels as he drives the back roads of Britain in a camper van.
  • The Greater Conqueror (1963) - An Wikipedia:Alexandrian period warrior named Simon gets caught up in an occult war between the forces of good and evil.
  • Behold the Man (1966) - Karl Glogauer, a neurotic masochist obsessed with the Christ story, uses a time machine to go back in time to witness Jesus' life and death.
  • Good-Bye, Miranda (1964) - A short story about a man who finds out he can levitate, but who earns the enmity and envy of the rest of humanity in doing so.
  • Flux (1963) - Max File is hired to test the EEC's new time machine. The hypothesis he is about to test is whether time is linear or non-linear.
  • Islands (AKA Not By Mind Alone) (1963) A short story about a schizophrenic young man who experiences multiple possible existences simultaneously in time.
  • Waiting for the End of Time... (AKA Last Vigil) (1970) - A short story from Moorcock's Wikipedia:The Dancers at the End of Time series. Thanks to the energy technology used by the people at The End of Time to power their hedonistic and self-indulgent lifestyle, all the solar systems in the universe except ours has been drained of energy and winked out of existence. Now the last humans in the last city on the last remaining planet around the last star await the End of Time.


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