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A boom tube is a slang expression for a fictional extra-dimensional point-to-point travel portal (a form of Wikipedia:teleportation) opened by a Wikipedia:Mother Box used primarily by residents of Wikipedia:New Genesis and Wikipedia:Apokolips in Wikipedia:DC Comics. The concept was created by Wikipedia:Jack Kirby for his Fourth World series of comics.


The "science" of boom tubes has never been explained, (as is normal for the New Gods, though Orion, in the first issue of New gods, says that a tube "stems from the waves of the mind") but they allow people to travel interstellar distances, and between dimensions, quickly by creating an apparent tube between two points through which people can travel. When used, a low humming accompanies the formation of the "tube" - a tunnel of rippling circles of light - which increases as the tube is maintained and traversed, ultimately culminating in a loud "booming" noise when it closes. This "boom" has been known to knock bystanders off their feet and shatter glass, and gives the technology its name. The tubes need to be generated or opened by another device, commonly a Wikipedia:Mother Box. Boom tubes are powered by the mysterious X-element, which serves as a matter threshold.[1]

The initial Kirby comics depict boom tubes as a sort of quasi-technological equivalent of Wikipedia:Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge linking Wikipedia:Asgard and Earth; indeed, boom tubes are described as a "bridge to Earth." Subsequent writers have allowed the tubes to be used for point-to-point transport between various locations on New Genesis, Apokolips, Earth, and other planets, thereby making them near-ubiquitous for the travel of the Wikipedia:New Gods. Boom tubes replaced other mostly undefined concepts like the Electron Road, the Matter Threshold and the Star Gate, all of which have been used by the New Gods for travel from either New Genesis or ApokolipsTemplate:Citation needed.

Later additions to the concept Edit

  • Later canon is unclear on whether it is even possible to travel from the regular universe to that of the New Gods without a boom tube or similar device. For example, an issue of Wikipedia:Justice League International shows the JLI reaching Apokolips using a normal spacecraft, but Cosmic Odyssey explicitly states that one cannot reach Apokolips or New Genesis without a tubeTemplate:Citation needed.
  • The "tube only" idea was reinforced when later writers introduced the idea that the New Gods were, in fact, giants, and that the boom tube would appropriately shrink or enlarge people who traveled through it. For example, if Wikipedia:Superman were to travel to Apokolips in some manner under his own power, he would be miniature (if not microscopic) in comparison to Wikipedia:DarkseidTemplate:Issue. This has apparently become canon in the 52 miniseries, demonstrated by the great size of the New God Devilance the Pursuer. The precise size ratio has varied, with New Gods in their "original" size being depicted as anywhere from tens of feet tall, to tens of thousands of miles tall (as in New Gods #10, 1996).
  • In Wikipedia:Grant Morrison's Wikipedia:Mister Miracle run, it was revealed that the technology is actually referred to as 'boom lanes' by the Wikipedia:New Gods. However, the noise disorients the eponymous hero, so he later refers to it as a "'boom tube', or something."Template:Issue

Hush tubeEdit

In Wikipedia:Brad Meltzer's Justice League of America #1, a villain named Wikipedia:Doctor Impossible uses a "father box" to summon "hush tubes".

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