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Budder is a proprietary marijuana (WP) extract invented by BudderKing with high purity. It has a semi-hard texture like BudderKing's earlier product called Glass.[1]

Budder comes in the form of a light, golden-brown paste, which becomes more solid as it cools down, quite brittle if frozen and much stickier when warmed up. Budder has a consistency somewhat similar to that of wax or butter. A relatively small amount is needed to produce intoxication. Budder contains up to 99.7% THC and 5% – 15% total cannabinoids (THC/CBN/CBD), several times more potent than the buds of the cannabis plant that are usually consumed (5%–25 %). Notice that Budder refers to the high purity concentrate of high potency starting material.

From Cannabis Culture Magazine, 2005

According to Dr Paul Hornby, a chemist and plant analyst who runs a company ( that tests cannabis products for purity and potency, "Budder is the cleanest, most potent cannabis product I've ever tested."
Marijuana contains various cannabinoids, Hornby explains, with THC usually predominant. Hemp has barely a percent or two of THC. The best dried marijuana bud generally maxes out at about 27% THC. Sieved hashish averages about 45% THC. Bubblehash averages about 53% THC. Solvent-extracted products usually have more THC than bud, water hash or sieved hash, but none have tested as high as Budder, and Hornby says Budder is further distinguished because it does not contain any heavy metals, radioactivity, or other markers associated with inferior fertilizers used on source bud.
"The top Budder sample was 99.6% pure," Hornby explained, "which means if you had an ounce of it, only a tiny fraction of a gram would be anything other than cannabinoids. We also tested Budder for toxins, solvents, molds, diseases, heavy metals and other contaminants. There were none. It's essentially just pure cannabinoids. I've tested a lot of cannabis materials, but this is the most impressive."
Hornby's tests also found Budder contains 80 to 90% of its cannabinoids as THC. It contains much smaller percentages of two other cannabinoids: cannabidiol and cannabinol. Of these two, cannabidiol (CBD) is most important because it has medicinal effects and moderates the stimulative effects of THC.[1]

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