This is the combined category of value, both ethical and economic.

For the economic subcategory of value, see Category:Value (economics)

Economic value is expressed in Marxism as Production and in capitalism as Productivity (Goods, Services, Human Resource Management, etc).
This is a concept absolutely fundamental to societies employing a Egalitarian or non-egalitarian Consumer-planned economy, or other non-capitalist, non-Marxist economic systems such as Participatory economics (although PE does not seem to use the term). A completely computerized system requires a vast amount of input to begin it, and fine tuning afterwards, and arguably, since the society can evolve to prefer different values, the process of fine tuning can be part of its 'politics', even after these values are operating as a program.

For the ethical category of value, see Category:Value (ethics) and Category:Axiology


This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.


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