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Chris Wardman is a Canadian Wikipedia:music producer, Wikipedia:musician and Wikipedia:songwriter. Wardman was a founding member of Blue Peter, and was their Wikipedia:lead guitarist and main contributing songwriter. Wardman was also a member of Breeding Ground in the late 1980s.[1] Wardman has been actively producing albums for many Canadian acts, including Chalk Circle,[2] Wikipedia:Leslie Spit Treeo,[3] Wikipedia:Randy Bachman[4] and Wikipedia:Emm Gryner. Wardman produced two albums for Wikipedia:Art Bergmann, including Sexual Roulette in 1990.[5] [6] Wikipedia:Meryn Cadell's most recent new release, 1997's 6 Blocks, was produced by Wardman, for which he hired, among others, former bandmate Wikipedia:Jason Sniderman, and he performed on the album as well.[7] The Watchmen credit Wardman with discovering them while playing at the Wikipedia:Horseshoe Tavern in Wikipedia:Toronto, and he produced their debut album, Wikipedia:McLaren Furnace Room, which was certified gold in Canada in 1996.[8][9] In his review of the album on Allmusic, Roch Parisien complimented Wardman's mix of the album for how he balanced lead singer Danny Greaves' vocals with the music production.[10]

Wardman still plays as well, joining Emm Gryner on tour[1] in 2011.[11]


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