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Corruption in EducationEdit

Teachers are appointed with the recommendations and even candidates of Higher merit are left to reel in pain and live like animals and pessimism comes and they even opt to end their life and this is the limit of corruption. It can be easily imagined that what will be the conditions of the pupils taught be the ineligible teachers.[20] Central University of Haryana is good example of the appointment of ineligible teachers and persons were higher merits were ignored. The Punjab and Haryana high court in February 2014 quashed the Haryana government's notification, making PhD holders ineligible for assistant professors' posts in state-run colleges. Haryana Government similarly makes policy for appointing their known less deserving candidates and Higher merit is being ignored blatantly. Even after check of Higher Judiciary Haryana politician work despotically and countless eligible candidates are not able to approach the court as they have to pay a high amount as fee in countless forms for job in capacity of unemployed youth.[21] Template:Quote box

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