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List of cultural icons of the United Kingdom

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Symbols of the United Kingdom are mostly interchangeable with symbols of Britain. Theoretically this page could be called British Cultural Icons. However unlike symbols of just England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales they are shared by other parts of the United Kingdom or were founded or invented after the British Act of Union 1707 or before the creation of England (hence the inclusion of Stonehenge). At a stretch they could be things that were created, invented or born before the Act of Union but after the Union of Crowns in 1603. This is a contentious subject especially in our post-devolutionary times.

Icons of the United Kingdom include:

1. The Pound Sterling [1]

2. The British Broadcasting Corporation [2]

3. The red telephone box[3]

4. The red post pillar box.[4]

5. The red Routemaster double decker bus.[5]

6. The black London Hackney Carriage taxi.[6]

7. Rolls Royce Motor Cars [7]

8. Britannia [8] File:England half penny 1936 (B).jpg

9. The British Royal Family.

10. Buckingham Palace

11. Windsor Castle

12. Big Ben[12]

13. Stonehenge[13]

14. The Angel of the North sculpture.[14]

15. Winston Churchill [15]

16. Admiral Horatio Nelson

17. The British Bulldog [16]

18. The Union Flag[17]

19. Cup of tea (drinking habits)[19]

20. Spitfire (World War Two plane)[20]

21. The hedgehog - recently voted the national animal.[21]

22. James Bond

23. Sherlock Holmes

24. Fish and Chips

25. Balti (food)

26. Bangers and Mash

27. The Mini

28. The Beatles

29. Team GB


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