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Dave Hollins: Space Cadet is a series of five sketches that aired in the Wikipedia:BBC Radio 4 series Wikipedia:Son of Cliché, produced by Wikipedia:Rob Grant and Wikipedia:Doug Naylor in 1984.[1] The popular BBC sci-fiction comedy television show Wikipedia:Red Dwarf was based on these radio sketches.[2] The sketches centered around Dave Hollins (voiced by Wikipedia:Nick Wilton), a hapless space traveler that is marooned in space far from earth.[3] His only steady companion is the computer Hab (voiced by Wikipedia:Chris Barrie).[4]

Grant and Naylor chose to use the Dave Hollins: Space Cadet sketches as a base for a television show after watching the 1974 film Dark Star.[5] They changed some elements from the sketches:[6] The 7 trillion year figure was first changed to 7 billion years and then to 3 million and the characters of Wikipedia:Arnold Rimmer and the Cat were created. The name Dave Hollins was changed to Dave Lister when a football player called Dave Hollins became well-known, and Hab was replaced by Holly. One of the voice actors from Son of Cliché, Chris Barrie went on to portray Arnold Rimmer in the Red Dwarf TV series.

Episodes of Dave Hollins can be found on the 2 disc Red Dwarf DVD sets starting with series 5 and ending with series 8.

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