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Dave vonKleist aka Dave Von Kleist is a radio show host, musician, author, activist and film producer. He was the writer and producer for the film Wikipedia:911 In Plane Site [1] He has been interviewed by Wikipedia:Glenn Beck in relation to the film. [2] and has been the host of host of Missouri-based radio talk show "The Power Hour". [3] He is also a professional musician. [4]


His career in the broadcast industry included work as a professional televsion and radio announcer. He hosted the Dave Riddell show which was a three-hour afternoon drive time talk show on WATR AM-1320 in Waterbury, Connecticut. He has been a staff announcer at various radio stations. [5]


  • Dave Riddell show
  • The Power Hour[6]


He wrote directed and edited the comedy television show Spotlight Tonight. This was voted Best Show and also the best Directed show in the 1984 Laurel Cable Awards. [7]


For over thirty years he has been a musician, vocalist, songwriter and performer. [8] Among the songs he has recorded was a song about the Shirley Allen standoff, "The Ballad of Shirley Allen".[9]


  • Will Someone Listen? - 1996 [10]
  • Music to Die For - 2004 [11]
  • Forever Vigilant - 2007
  • Forever Vigilant...Music to Live For [12]


There was a report in the Wikipedia:New Scientist magazine, Volume 162 of the Gulf War Veterans Associations suspicions that Wikipedia:Gulf War Syndrome was caused by the use of experimental vaccines on military personnel. vonKliest had commented on this, saying that it would be a violation of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation. [13]


Family and Personal lifeEdit

According to his website, he is also the father of musician Erica von Kleist[15]

Argentina is now is adopted home. In a 2011 interview with Susan Beverley he said that leaving the United States wasn't an easy decision.[16]


Being a researcher and journalist he became suspicious about the official account of what took place on 9/11. He produced a dvd called In Plane Site as well as websites and[17]


  • 911 Ripple Effect - 2007
  • 911 in Plane Site - 2004[18]
  • Spotlight Tonight[19]


  • 911 Ripple Effect - 2007
  • 911 in Plane Site - 2004[18]


  • Spotlight Tonight [19]
  • Gulf War Illness, Fact or Fiction [20]


  • Ulmefilm - 2012 - Himself
  • Zeitgeist - 2007 - Himself
  • 911 in Plane Site - 2004 - Himself[18]
  • One Nation Under Siege[21]Template:Dead link
  • Wake Up Call


  • The Beautiful Truth (2008) - Music [22]

See also Edit


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