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David Alec Webb, known as David Webb, was born at Luton, 6 March 1931 and died at Trinity Hospice, Clapham, South London on 30 June 2012. He was the second child and only son of Alec Webb, from whom he took his middle name.

David Webb attended Luton Grammar School from 1942–50, did his Wikipedia:National Service from 1950–52, and trained with Wikipedia:RADA 1952-4. In 1954 he joined the York Repertory Company; 1955 the Bromley Repertory Company; and from 1955–6 he toured in the play Love From Judy.

He moved into television, appearing in Wikipedia:Dixon of Dock Green, Doctor Who (WP,[1] and several other series.[2] His fifty-one appearances on television started in the early 1960s, and increased throughout; the majority were in the 1970s, and his television work was not much slowed down by his activism during the '70s and '80s.[2]

In April 1976 he set up the anti-censorship pressure group NCROPA as the National Campaign for the Repeal of the Obscene Publications Acts;[3] this would shortly be amended to National Campaign for the Reform of the Obscene Publications Acts.

NCROPA was very active from its inception through the 1980s, and in 1983 Webb stood as the anti-censorship candidate against the incumbent Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (WP) in her Finchley constituency. He was also a member of the Wikipedia:Campaign Against Censorship. By the late 1990s, NCROPA was more or less moribund, and had been inactive for some time before its founder's death.

David Webb never married. He was also a secular humanist (WP). He was cremated at Wikipedia:Mortlake Crematorium on 17 July 2012.

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