There is no article about this subject on Wikipedia. This is because it is not a Northern-countries issue. It does not happen in the northern hemisphere. As Noam Chomsky says, repeatedly, there are words that are a tautology or an oxymoron in the US and Europe, because the assumption is that they always happen or never happen, respectively, in those countries, but are expected to not happen or always happen, respectively, in countries inimical to the ruling class.

Election nullification is one of the most insidious, because potent and utterly unreported, forms of regime change (WP).

  • Haitian general election, 2010–11 in which Jude Celestin, at the time closest to and still close to the immensely popular liberation theologist Jean-Bertrand Aristide who could not run as he had been deposed twice by US-backed coups, was eliminated entirely by nullification and a run-off election in which he had been forbidden to run after a visit from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • Orange Revolution, in which a Euro-centric Yaschenko took power by nullification and a Supreme Court decision, losing the next election with 4% approval rate[1] only 5% of the vote, to a returning Russo-centric opponent Yanukovich (later deposed by a US-backed coup arranged by the Nuland-Pyatt phone call)

links Edit

  1. Frost over the World - Viktor Yushchenko - 30 Oct 09 - Part 1

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