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Freak out is a term that started in the 1960s and rapidly expanded in meaning to include a variety of things:

Kissing, foreplay or sex in the back of a car.[1] 1960's musicians' term for volume or other sound characteristics increasing to a climax.[1] "Freaking out", or experiencing a bad trip (WP) on a psychedelic drug. From this meaning, a more general term meaning a startling or scary or otherwise emotional experience, or a person's strong reaction indicating that they are experience same. Sometimes synonymous with "losing your cool" (See Cool (African philosophy) and Wikipedia:Cool (aesthetic).


  • "Wikipedia:Le Freak", a 1978 disco hit by Chic, often mistakenly identified as "Freak Out" because of its lyrics.
  • "Freak Out" (song), a song by 311
  • "Freak Out", a song from the Avril Lavigne album Under My Skin
  • "Freak Out", a song from the eponymous album Liars
  • "Freaking Out", a song by from the eponymous album Adema


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Google Books search for 'freakout films', a 1960s genre of films as described by a filmmaker on a PBS documentary. There is therefore at least one more meaning of 'Freak out', and probably more to be found in Google Books

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Wikipedia:fr:Freak Out

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