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Free running (known as le parkour in its French birthplace) is an extreme urban sport, consisting of running through cities over rooftops, walls, and using other unconventional routes.


Free running was invented in 1988 in the Parisian suburb of Lisses by a group of teenagers including David Belle and Sebastien Foucan. Participants (known in French as "parkouristes") climb on buildings and other structures, leap between buildings, climb poles and pillars, and walk along narrow structural elements such as walls and banisters. The object of the sport is to move across an urban environment as quickly as possible without touching the ground.

Free running is considered to be especially dangerous, as no safety equipment is used and because of the risk of falling from a considerable height.

Free runners have featured in a number of TV advertisments (including ones for the BBC) and in documentaries (including Jump London [1] and Yamakasi by director Luc Besson [2]).

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for other meanings of free running, see free running

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