Gai ob fuang is a chicken dish in which chicken is baked in straw. The dish originates from the Rangsit area of central Thailand. The original name is gai-ob-fang (ไก่อบฟาง) and has been a well-known dish in the Snidvongs family for over a hundred years. It is the quickest way to cook a chicken, in under ten minutes. The chicken is marinated with butter, salt and pepper and suspended by a wire in a 20-litre tin can commonly used for bulk cooking oil and kerosene. The can is covered in straw and set alight. As the flame dies down more straw is added. The cooking time is about nine and a half minutes.

Any number of chickens can be cooked at the same time by placing the tin cans about a foot from each other and covering the whole evenly with straw. This is a quick and convenient way to prepare a meal for a large number of people.

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