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Greg Handevidt was born in 1965 in Concord, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. His family later moved to Wikipedia:Jackson, Minnesota where he met Wikipedia:David Ellefson when they were 10 years old. Shortly after graduating from high school, the two moved to Hollywood, CA in order to pursue careers in music. They rented an apartment directly below the apartment where Wikipedia:Dave Mustaine lived. Dave Mustaine had parted ways with Wikipedia:Metallica only weeks earlier. Mustaine, Ellefson and Handevidt then formed Wikipedia:Megadeth. Shortly thereafter, Dijon Carruthers joined the band on drums. Only months after Wikipedia:Megadeth was formed, Handevidt returned to Minnesota. He moved to Wikipedia:Marshall, Minnesota where, in 1985, he formed Kublai Khan with Kevin Idso, John Fedde and Michael Liska. The band opened for numerous national and international acts such as Wikipedia:King Diamond, Wikipedia:Kreator, Voivod and Wikipedia:Metal Church. Kublai Khan played underground for some time until their 1987 debut album, Annihilation. Despite the recording being met with very good reviews, Kublai Khan disbanded 2 years later. In 1989, Handevidt joined the military and served in the U.S. Navy until 1998. Today, Greg Handevidt is an attorney licensed to practice law in California and Minnesota. He resides, with his family, in Minnesota.[1][2][3]




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