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In education, heutagogy, a concept coined by Stewart Hase of Southern Cross University and Chris Kenyon in Australia, is the study of self-determined learning. The notion is an expansion and reinterpretation of andragogy, and it is possible to mistake it for the same. However, there are several differences between the two that mark the one from the other.[1] So, for example, whereas andragogy focuses on the best ways for people to learn, heutagogy also requires that educational initiatives include the improvement of people's actual learning skills themselves, learning how to learn as well as just learning a given subject itself. Similarly, whereas andragogy focusses on structured education, in heutagogy all learning contexts, both formal and informal, are considered.[1]

  1. One of heutagogy's tenets is self-teaching; where androgogy's answer to the best means of learning is improving methods, Heutagogy also places specific emphasis on learning how to learn, ie teaching the student to teach themselves. Another is self examination, or Double loop learning, with four steps: Examining currently held theories and practices for their essential qualities, inventing new meanings based on this examination, production of new actions, and generalization of results.
  2. Taking advantage of Universal learning opportunities is a call to find education anywhere possible; internships and apprenticeships, and #Heutogogy looks at the emphasis by androgogy on a step-by-step process, and warns that the major impact of learning does not take a set path; it therefore espouses a non-linear process.
  3. Its tenet of True learner self-direction pictures students as receptive to and therefore capable of learning as they will, as well as as their teacher wills.


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