Just as the Romantic movement before it was a reaction to the Industrial Age,[1] the Hippie movement was a reaction to US anti-communism, capitalism, and conformity at home and overseas. Both valued aesthetics, but while Romanticism moved fully away from science,[2] hippies were interested in inventions and innovation to a fault, becoming engrossed in pseudo-science as well. But both hippiedom and Romanticism sought expression and comfort in Nature, and thus walking in the countryside.[3][4][5] Before the Romantic Movement, walking was a necessity, not a lifestyle choice, and to society, walking generally indicated poverty and was also associated with vagrancy.

While the drug culture is the more widely known part of hippie culture, the health movement and back to nature movements were more the formative part, and hiking was part of the healthy lifestyle that the latter two espoused.

  • The health benefits of hiking and trails [6][7]

It is a popular activity with numerous hiking organizations worldwide

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