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Hindustan Zindabad (Hindi हिंदुस्तान ज़िन्दाबाद}}, Urdu Nastaliq ہندوستان زندہ باد}) is a Hindustani phrase and Wikipedia:battle cry most commonly used in Wikipedia:India in speeches and communications pertaining to or referring to patriotism towards India. It translates to "Long Live India".[1] It is a nationalistic slogan,[2] and has been used in nationalist protests such as radical peasant movements in post-colonial India.[3] Other variations of the slogan are Wikipedia:Jai Hind and India Zindabad.[4] Such slogans are common while cheering the Indian team in cricket matches.[4][5] They are also used by Kashmiri citizens who support India's claim on Kashmir.[6]


The word Wikipedia:Hindustan generally refers to the Wikipedia:Republic of India since 1947. It is conventionally believed to be derived from the Wikipedia:Old Persian word Hindu, which in turn is derived from Sindhu, the Wikipedia:Sanskrit name for the Wikipedia:Indus River.[7] Old Persian refers to the people living beyond the Indus as Hinduš. This combined with the Wikipedia:Avestan suffix -stān (cognate to Sanskrit "sthān", both meaning "place")[8] results in Hindustan, as the land on the other side (from Persia) of the Indus.

Wikipedia:Zindabad (may [idea, person, country] live forever) is a typical Wikipedia:Urdu and Persian suffix that is placed after a person or a country name. It is used to express victory, patriotism or as a prayer.[9]

Use Edit

The slogan Hindustan Zindabad, as well as its counterpart, Pakistan Zindabad, and Sikh response, Pakistan Murdabad were used during the Partition of India in episodes of sexual violence against women: the slogans were often tattooed on the bodies of victims of collective rapes.[10]

In June 2007, Kashmiri separatist and Wikipedia:All Parties Hurriyat Conference leader Zaffar Akbar Butt was attacked by Wikipedia:Shiv Sena workers, when he refused to say the phrase.[11]

In popular cultureEdit

The slogan was used in Wikipedia:Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, in which the antagonist, Tara Singh (Wikipedia:Sunny Deol), is asked to shout Hindustan Murdhabad (death to India) in Pakistan, but he proclaims Hindustan Zindabad, uproots a hand pump, and kills many locals.[12]

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