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In Astrology (WP), the concept of a horoscope pattern was devised by Marc Edmund Jones. He devised seven distinct patterns of horoscope, as the planets appeared on along the 360° circle that used today to plot the placements. These horoscope patterns are mean to determine what a person's main focus in this life will be. The seven horoscope patterns are as follows:-

  • The bowl. In this configuration, all ten celestial bodies are placed in approximately one-half of the horoscope. Individuals with this type of horoscope configuration will be very focused on attaining the area of the chart that is highlighted by the planetary placements. For example, if a person's bowl configuration is placed on the bottom half of the chart, he will concern himself with his own personal business, but if it is in the top half of the chart, he will concern himself with the personal business of his partner.
  • The bucket. In this configuration, nine celestial bodies occupy approximately one-half of the horoscope with one planet roughly opposing the group, and this planet is considered to be the focal point of action for planetary energies for the planetary energies. For example, if a person's opposing planet is Pluto, an incident of a major proportion, such as the death of a person or way of life, will be the pivotal experience that will force him into concentrating on the areas indicated by the other nine bodies in the chart.
  • The bundle. In this configuration a tightly-packed planetary arrangement occurs where all ten celestial bodies are confined in the horoscope to the space of a trine, or 120°. When this configuration is present, the person will be quite specialised in his thinking patterns and outlook on life, preferring to focus on those areas where the planets are posited in. For example, if a person's horoscope pattern is placed from the seventh house to the tenth house of the horoscope, he will be very focused on his personal relationships with others, with his sex life being highly prominent, he is likely to be very educated and knowledgeable on a very small range of subjects, to include sex, and he will be very career minded, quite possibly preferring to build sex into his profession in some way.

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