Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV) - non-profit charitable organizations helping orphans, homeless children and other needy children in Viet Nam.[1] Established in 2001 by Chuck DeVet and his daughter Annetta in the United States.

Many of the HSCV charitable projects are implemented in Hanoi or its suburbs, where it supplies food, shelter, clothing, health and education directly to the children or through local Vietnamese organizations.[2] The institution cooperates with adopting agencies in related issues and involves volunteers.

Among the projects are:

  • Sister School Program, helps funding poor [[Wikipedia:school|school]s by linking them with other schools and organizations around the world;[3]
  • Rice Program, providing poor families with a month’s supply of rice for an average cost of $205 a year;
  • Educational Scholarships, sponsoring children with a year of schooling for $50
  • Bicycle Donations, donation of a bicycle for a child to use to travel to school $50
  • Life changing surgery, includes burn scar or orthopedic surgery for $250
  • Life saving surgery, open heart surgery at an average cost of $2500
  • Wheelchair Distribution, the donation of wheelchairs to needy individuals.

In 2004 the organization spent USD 63,500 on its programs.

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This article is related to the Wikipedia:List of non-governmental organizations in Vietnam


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