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Jesse Long who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in 1957. Though similar stories had circulated for years though jesse long claims did not receive wide spread attention until he was interviewed by Wikipedia:Whitley Strieber.

jesse that interviewEdit

whitley strieber was best selling author of communion. whitley interviewed jesse and explained the following incidents . whitley admited that we have suprising future if jesse tells is real and this is most haunted alien abduction stories i heard Jesse suggest that his encounter are genuine


jesse long storyEdit

jesse long is a middle aged man and claims that the abduction takes back in 1957 in Tennessee when he was 5yrs old where he witnessed a rounded house underconstruction acording to jesse he recieved a flash of light from taller looking guy which made him paralyse and first time he was abducted by alien beings and placed an alien implant on his left leg and claimed it was on his leg for 34 years the alien implant was removed and At the Southwest Research Institute in Texas the object was closely analyzed and according to the labs report, the object revealed a very remarkable composition and exhibited unique surface characteristics that cannot be explained The questions end up outnumbering the answers. Jesse states that these alien beings would abduct him, paralyzing him through some kind of long rod that the aliens carried with them. He also stated that they abducted his brother as well. Jesse most of his abductions would occur in a similar manner. The aliens usually took Jesse down a long hallway and would be placed on a flat table. He claims that some of the experiments that were done on him were some form of sperm extraction. jesse states that sperm extraction was one of the most traumatic experiments and caused the most problems, He eventually he was forced to crossbreed with a female being of some sort. jesse could not understood following incidents and jesse believed that the 1990 abduction gave him the answer why is this bieng done

In 1990, Jesse Long was driving from California to New Orleans and then right outside of Albuquerque New Mexico on I-40 his car was lifted off the interstate from some force and brought into a craft with him still in the car. He was placed on a table and he was presented with a baby and aliens told 'this is your child. he witnnesed nine other children standing along the wall and They walked out of the room and Jesse felt that the message these children were giving him was we are okay, thank you'. which made him emotional Jesse's big question was he would ask these aliens is why him and for what reason did they choose him.

David M jacobs InvestigationEdit

David M. Jacobs Investigated and concluded that Thousands of these types of abductions are being reported every year throughout the world. david explains there is a unified program is being conducted of physiologically exploitation by one species to another. A form of breeding with alien species on the human race.

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