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Volkswagen Type 2 or Kombi, a panel van introduced in 1950

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Purse in the form of a VW bus in a shop window, 2007

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VW Bus T1 in Hippie Colors

The back bumper reads "Flash Backs Happen"

The VW Bus was a regular player in many 1960s and 1970s movies, and afterwards as an icon for the counterculture era:


  • Type 2s have been included in both "Pimp My Ride US" (Ryan's '58 Bus in Series 2) and "Pimp My Ride UK" (Zoë's '67 Camper and Jono's Bay Window Pick up in Series 2).
  • In the eighth series of Wikipedia:Top Gear, Richard Hammond converted a Volkswagen Type 2 T3 to be amphibious, adding modifications to enable it to float. However, Hammond's experiment with the VW Type 2 failed, and the craft sank. At the second attempt in Series 10 Hammond's flaoting camper reappeared and again failed as both it and James May's Wikipedia:Triumph Herald Wikipedia:yacht conversion were beaten by Clackson's Nissan pick-up which sported a huge outboard motor and did make it across the English channel to France.
  • In the Wikipedia:Doctor Who episode, Gridlock, thousands of Type 2-like hovering vans are seen trapped on a Motorway, some having been in the constant traffic jam, upwards of 20 years.
  • A Type 2 made its appearance in one of Wikipedia:Futurama's episode "Wikipedia:Bendin' in the Wind" and was a key part of the episode and was referred to as "Free spirited German engineering".
  • An Episode of "Law & Order," entitled "Ramparts" (Episode Number: 192, Season Num: 9), involves a VW Bus being dredged from the Hudson River near the Wikipedia:George Washington Bridge with the 30-year old remains of a corpse inside.
  • A blue Type 2, T3 appeared in an episode of Wikipedia:Sliders as the main characters' getaway vehicle.
  • A Type 2 bus is seen in Lost season 3. It is found on the island by Hurley & Vincent the dog. Instead of the large VW sign on the front, it holds the Wikipedia:Dharma Initiative logo in its place. The bus is two tone, being blue and white in colour. It is also very rusty and has the rotting body of the original driver, Roger, inside.
  • In some episodes of Wikipedia:That 70's Show, Kelso owns a T2 bus built as a making out place.
  • A black 1966 Double cab, the personal vehicle of presenter Wikipedia:Jamie Hyneman, featured in many of the Series 2 of the Wikipedia:Discovery Channel Wikipedia:Mythbusters TV show.
  • In Wikipedia:Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Tori can be seen driving a two tone blue/white VW Bus in several episodes of the series. The VW emblem on the front was removed, possibly due to copyright issues.
  • A type 2 bus is driven by Rain Robinson in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Wikipedia:Future's end Part 1 and 2.
  • In the opening of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 television show , Pearl is seen driving a VW bus through outerspace.

Video gamesEdit

  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater level San Francisco has a green Microbus driving the streets.
  • The Type 2 is an unlockable car in the game Midtown Madness 2.
  • The Type 2 is an unlockable car in the game GTi Racing, and it is modifiable, with a range of things such as new body parts and turbochargers.
  • Vehicles known as Campers in the video game Wikipedia:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are based on the Type 2. The character Truth, a hippie, has a Camper painted in a hippy-style called "The Mothership".
  • A Type 2-like van is also driveable in the video game Wikipedia:San Francisco Rush.

Two games of the Driver video game series featured vehicles based on the Type 2: Wikipedia:Driver 2 with yellow realistic vans, and Wikipedia:Driv3r with a vehicle realistically modeled painted hippie-style which is an unlockable car.

  • The "Hippy Van" can be found on the streets of Wikipedia:Miami in Wikipedia:Scarface: The World is Yours.
  • In the Game "TG Dare Devil", T1 Pickups can be seen driving around.
  • This van and its pickup truck version are playable vehicles in GTI Racer.
  • This van flew to Mars in LucasArts Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders.

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