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List of Israeli strikes and Palestinian casualties in Operation Protective Edge

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This is a list of individual Wikipedia:IDF/Wikipedia:IAF operations in Wikipedia:Operation Protective Edge, which began on 8 July 2014, naming the targets and casualties. Since Israel's withdrawal of its settlements and settlers in the Gaza Strip in 2005 several military operations have been conducted against the area, including Wikipedia:Operation Cast Lead in 2008, in which 1,417 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died, Wikipedia:Operation Pillar of Defense 2012[1] in which 120-160 Palestinians and 2 Israelis died, and the Wikipedia:March 2012 Gaza–Israel clashes. The forces in the conflict are Gaza-based militants using mainly home-made missiles, mainly Wikipedia:Qassam rockets, most of which often hit open fields,[2] versus Israel's combined military forces, which are equipped with F-15 fighter jets, Wikipedia:AH-64 Apache helicopters, Delilah missiles, IAI Heron-1 drones and Wikipedia:Jericho II missiles.[3]The Israeli civilian population has, in addition, access to shelters, early-warning sirens and is defended by the Wikipedia:Iron Dome missile detection defence system.[4] According to Owen Jones, remarking on the difference in armament capacities, media coverage fails to reflect the realities of military disparity in the conflict.[4]

The figure in brackets refers to the age of the deceased.

Day 1: 8 July 2014Edit

By day's end, Israeli airstrikes had hit 150 targets and killed 23 people[5][3] A lull, as Israel mulled the pros and cons of an invasion,[1] was broken when

  • Mohammed Shaaban (24), senior commander of Hamas's military wing, was killed with two other passengers, Amjad Shabaan (30) and Khader al-Bashliqi (45)[6] when his car was struck by an Israeli missile, near Wehada street, at the Shabia crossroads of Gaza city[1]
  • Five minutes later, two explosions occurred close by in the Zarqa neighbourhood. [1]
  • In a strike on Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City one child, Ahmad Nael Mahdi (16) was killed, while two others, his friends, were wounded.[7][3]
  • In a strike at Wikipedia:al-Qarara, north of Wikipedia:Khan Younis, Suleiman Salman Abu al-Sawaween (22/30) was killed and another man critically injured.[7][6]
  • An airstrike targeted a tuk-tuk vehicle in the al-Shujaiyeh neighborhood in Gaza City, killing Ahmad Moussa Habib (16) and his cousin Mohammad Habib (22). [7][8]
  • An airstrike targeted a motorcycle near Abraj al-Sheikh Zayed, Wikipedia:Jabalia, killing Fakhri Saleh Ajjouri/=Saqie Ayesh al-Jaouri (22)?[7][6]
  • 3pm. Missile strike from an F-16 fighter jet on the al-Kaware family’s home in Wikipedia:Khan Younis, while targeting activist Odeh Ahmad Mohammad Kaware, believed to be a member of Hamas,[9] killing 8 Palestinians, including six children, and seriously wounded 25. Accounts vary of the incident. The strike was preceded by a drone-fired warning flare, a 'Knock on the roof' procedure involving a small mortar shot or unarmed missile at the target.[9] Relatives and neighbours gathered at the home to form a human shield, according to one source.[7] Five families evacuated after a warning missile was fired, but neighbours gathered on the roof to try and hinder the operation,[3] In the past strikes were often aborted if civilians crowded rooftops.[10] A third account said the neighbours gathered after an initial strike, to prevent a further one.[9] The official assessment was that it was a 'tragic mistake' based on a belief the home was empty.[10]The eight casualties were:-
Siraj Iyad al-Abdel (8) died of injuries later.
Basim Salim Kaware (10)
Hussein Yousif Kaware (13)
Mohammad Ayman Ashour (15)
Bakir Mohammad Judeh (22)
Ammar Mohammad Judeh (26)
Muhammad Ibrahim Kaware (50)
Riyad Muhammad Kaware (50)[6]
  • An airtrike destroyed a house in central Gaza, and Rashad Yassin (27)[6], from the al-Nuseirat refugee camp, later found dead under the rubble.[7]
  • A missile strike on the Wikipedia:Rafah home of Hamas military commander Raed al-Atar failed to kill its target.[9]
  • An airstrike hit a home in Wikipedia:Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip killing senior Wikipedia:Islamic Jihad operative Hafiz Hamad (30) and five members of his family
Ibrahim Mohammad Hamad (26)
Mahdi Mohammed Hamad (46)
Fawziya Khalil Hamad (62)
Dunia Mehdi Hamad (16)
Suha Hamad (25).[11][6]

Day 2: 9 July 2014Edit

The death toll rose from 23 to 41, to 52, and by late Wednesay 61 had been killed, 28 that day.[12] [6]Casualties from an estimated 300 to 450.[13][14][11] 6 women and 9 children figured among the 22 dead.[13] The AIF struck some 160 targets overnight,[11] and totalled 430 strikes in two days, including 120 concealed rocket launchers, tunnels and 10 Hamas command and control centres.[2] 82 Gaza rockets were fired at Israel, 21 of which were intercepted.[12]

  • An airstrike on Wikipedia:Rafah's al-Shouka neighborhood killed AbdulHadi Juma al-Soufi, 24, and seriously wounded one other person.[15]
  • At dawn a missile from an Israeli drone struck Rafiq al-Kafarne (30) while he was on a motorcycle at Wikipedia:Beit Lahiya, and severely wounded another.[3][16]
  • Naifeh Farajallah (80) died under the rubble of her house in Mughraqa damaged by an air strike. [3][17]
  • Aminah Malaka (27), her son Muhammad Malaka (I8 months old), and Hatim Abu Salim (28) were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a house in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City.[11] The husband/father, Mustafa Malaka, a Hamas security officer, was blown away yards from his house.[17]
  • Abdel Nasser Abu Kweik (60) and his son Khalid (31) were killed by an IAF missile in a field near Nusseirat refugee camp.[3][17]
  • An Israeli airstrike killed Muhammad Khalid al-Nimrah (22) in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City.[11][6]
  • Two brothers, Muhammad Arif (13) and Amir Arif (12) were killed in an air strike on Shejaiya, east of Gaza City[18] [19]
  • A missile strike on a house in Beit Hanoun killed a woman Sahar Hamdan al-Masri (40) and her teenage son Ibrahim (14).[11][17]
  • An Israeli strike on the al-Maghazi refugee camp killed Sumud al-Nawasrah and her two boys, Muhammad Khalaf al-Nawasrah (4) and the other Nidal Khalaf al-Nawasrah, a toddler, when a missile hit their home. Two other children are missing, and are believed to be under the rubble.[20]
  • Amjad Hamdan (23) allegedly part of Islamic Jihad, was killed outside his home in Beit Hanoun by an airstrike.[20]
  • A second strike against the Hamad family in Beit Hanoun was made in the evening, killing Saleh Hamad (57) and Ibrahim Hamad (20).[13]
  • In an airstrike on Rafah Samia al-Arja (65) was killed. Eight other people were injured.
  • Late Wednesday, a driver for the Gaza news agency Media 24, Hamdi Shihab, was killed when his car, clearly marked with a TV sign, was struck in an airstrike.[12]

Day 3: 10 July 2014Edit

Overnight the IAF conducted 322 strikes, 217 on rocket launchers. The homes of over 40 Hamas commanders were also targeted, bringing the total for three days to 785 strikes. [21] 31 Palestinians were killed, bringing the overnight death count to 82. The dead include at least 10 women and 18 children, according to a count based on medical reports[12]

  • An Israeli missile struck a car in the northern Gaza Strip killing Mahmoud Waloud, Hazim Balousha and a third occupant.[12]
  • A girl Yasmin Muhammad al-Mutawwaq (4) died of her wounds after an Israeli missile struck a site in Khan Younis.[12]
  • Ismail Abu Jami (19) was killed in a missile strike on Khan Younis. [12]
  • Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazal (5) was killed in a missile strike at Wikipedia:Beit Lahiya.[12]
  • A missile hit on a residential building in Rafah injured 3 men who happened to be travelling in a passing car.[12]
  • An Israeli airstrike hit the Waqt al-Marah (Fun Time Beach Cafe[22])coffee bar on the seafront in Wikipedia:Khan Younis, killing 9 Palestinians and wounding another 10, who were reportedly watching the Netherlands-Argentina match in a Wikipedia:2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final, which they could not see in Khan Younis because of a power cut.[12] Among the victims, mostly in their twenties,[22] were
Muhammad Khalid Qannan
Ibrahim Qannan (brother of Muhammad)
Hamdi Kamil Sawali
Suleiman al-Astal
Ahmad al-Astal
Mousa al-Astal
Muhammad al-Aqqad
Muhammad Ihsan Farawneh (18) whose body was found later under the rubble.[12]

A local commented:'the result from this match here? The Jews won 9-0.'[22]

  • 4 members of the Shalat family. husband, wife and their two children were killed in an airstrike on the Wikipedia:Az-Zawayda village. [12]
  • 8 members of the al-Hajj family were killed, and roughly 30 people injured, when an Israeli missile targeted the house in Khan Younis.According to Palestinian sources, no warning was given.[12] The victims, mostly children, were
Tariq al-Hajj
Najla al-Hajj
Aminah al-Hajj
Saad al-Hajj
Omar al-Hajj
Aminah al-Hajj
Basimah al-Hajj (57)[12]
  • A missile struck the home of Raed Shalat in the Nuseirat refugee camp, killing him and wounding several others.[12]
  • In two other strikes on houses in Khan Younis, 3 women and 7 children were killed.[12]
  • A missile targeting a motorcycle in Rafah injured three men.[12]
  • An airstrike in Gaza city injured two people.[12]
  • An airstrike hit al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza.[12]
  • A missile struck a car in al-Nafaq street in Gaza City. Three fighters of Islamic Jihad's Wikipedia:al-Quds Brigades-Bahaa Abu al-Leil (35), Wisam Qandil and Amir al-Fayoumi - were killed and four injured.


  • A boy Abdul Rahman Khattab (8) was killed in the al-Hakar zone of Wikipedia:Deir al-Balah when an Israeli missile struck his home.[12]

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