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List of bondage models by decade

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The fact that there are no models of note in the '60s and '70s fits perfectly with the hypothesis that BDSM's popularity rests entirely on the portion of it that is sexual; when sexuality was freed to be openly displayed in those decades, the public completely lost interest in sexuality that was tainted by aggression and violence
Alternatively, the public's increased interest and growing belief in peace and harmonious relationships made them less receptive to the violence of BDSM

This is a list of bondage models listed by the decade of their first appearance in bondage, then alphabetically by stage name. The criterion is to have an article in Wikipedia giving the person's notability as a bondage model. For other notable people associated with BDSM, see List of people associated with BDSM.


Early Irving Klaw-era bondage models included


  • None known


  • None listed






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