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Notes on usageEdit

  • This table is a reference tool for rapidly locating (Wikipedia) articles on global climate system components
Component Type Region Composed Of Functions Dimensions
Atmosphere Global layer Planetary Atmospheric gases (nitrogen, oxygen and others) Absorb and distribute radiation; exchange gases
Wikipedia:Hydrosphere Global layer Planetary Water (H2O) and dissolved minerals (carbon, calcium, magnesium and others) Absorb and distribute radiation; supply vapor
Wiikipedia:Lithosphere Global layer Planetary Rocks and minerals Supply minerals
Wikipedia:Troposphere Atmospheric layer Planetary Air, water vapor Weather
Wikipedia:Tropopause Atmospheric layer Planetary Air Thin layer of temperature

NASA-(US) identifies the five components of earth's climate system as: Atmosphere, Wikipedia:hydrosphere, Wikipedia:cryosphere, Wikipedia:lithosphere, and Wikipedia:biosphere.[1]



Wikipedia:Category:Atmospheric sciences Wikipedia:Category:Meteorology

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