The following is a list of persons who were the last survivor of a notable cultural event.

The list is a perfect example of Wikipedia's own immune system eating itself. The Wikipedia:List of last survivors of historical events article gets too long, so some suffering bastard arbitrarily but carefully removes all of these items with the idea that they do not belong in Historical Events, and puts them in a Cultural Events list. Then someone even more pedantic comes along to where they had been moved and equally arbitrarily declares that they do not belong in Wikipedia at all, because they are not Cultural Events (which is arguably true, because they were originally supposed to be Historical Events).

Art & architectureEdit

Name Death Artistic event or movement Date(s)
Wikipedia:George Dance the Younger 1|14|1741|4|1 Last surviving founder-member of the Wikipedia:Royal Academy. 10 December 1768
Wikipedia:William Michael Rossetti 25|9|1829|5|2 Last surviving founder of the Wikipedia:Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. 1848
Wikipedia:Claude Monet 12|5|1840|11|14 Last surviving founder of Wikipedia:Impressionism 1870s-1920s
Wikipedia:Marc Chagall 3|28|1887|7|6 Last representative of the modern Wikipedia:School of Paris 1900 to 1914
Wikipedia:Kees van Dongen 5|28|1877|1|26 Last surviving member of the Fauves 1904-1909
Wikipedia:Karl Schmidt-Rottluff 7|10|1884|12|1 Last surviving member of the Wikipedia:Die Brücke group. 1905-1913
Wikipedia:Angelica Garnett[1] 5|4|1918|12|25 Last member of the Wikipedia:Bloomsbury Group 1906 to 1930s
Wikipedia:Pablo Picasso 1973|4|8|1881|10|25}} Last surviving painter from the original Cubist movement. 1907-1921
Wikipedia:Jacques Lipchitz 5|16|1891|8|22 Last surviving sculptor from the original Cubist movement. 1907-1921
Wikipedia:David Burliuk 7|21|1882|1|15 Last surviving member of the Wikipedia:Der Blaue Reiter group. 1911-1914
Wikipedia:A. J. Casson 2|20|1898|5|17 Youngest and last painter of the Group of Seven 1913
Wikipedia:Edgar Tafel 1|18|1912|3|12 Last member of the original Taliesin Fellowship that studied under Wikipedia:Frank Lloyd Wright 1932
Paul Reed[2] Living Last of the Wikipedia:Washington Color School 1950s to 1960s
Beverley Thorne[3] Living Last of the architects who worked on the Wikipedia:Case Study Houses project. January 1963

Theatre and live performanceEdit

Name Death Performance Date(s)
William J. Ferguson[4] 5|3|1845|6|8 Last cast member of Our American Cousin April 14, 1865
Wikipedia:Doris Eaton Travis 5|11|1904|3|14 Last member of the Wikipedia:Ziegfeld Girls 1918
Wikipedia:Dorothy Young 3|20|1907|5|3 Last surviving assistant for Wikipedia:Harry Houdini's performances 1925 to 1926
Wikipedia:Anne Brown[5] 3|13|1912|8|9 Last cast member of the original production of Wikipedia:George Gershwin's opera Wikipedia:Porgy and Bess September 30, 1935
Wikipedia:Patricia Neal 8|8|1926|1|20 Last winner from the first Tony Awards ceremony April 6, 1947

Film, television and radioEdit

Name Death Date(s) of release
Wikipedia:Broncho Billy Anderson 1|20|1880|3|21 Last cast member of The Great Train Robbery 1903
Wikipedia:Rosa Rio[6] 5|13|1902|6|2 Last Wikipedia:silent film organist 1909–1929
Robert Cox[7] 9|8|1895|5|12 Last member of the Wikipedia:Keystone Kops 1912 to 1917
Wikipedia:Emil Sitka 1|16|1915|12|22 Last cast member of Wikipedia:The Three Stooges 1925 to 1975
Wikipedia:Carla Laemmle Living Last cast member of The Phantom of the Opera and Dracula November 25, 1925 and February 12, 1931
Wikipedia:Jean Darling Living Last Wikipedia:Our Gang cast member from the silent era 1927 to 1929
Wikipedia:Nick Stewart[8] 12|18|1910|3|15 Last Wikipedia:Amos 'n' Andy cast member March 19, 1928, to November 25, 1960
Wikipedia:Anita Page 9|6|1910|8|4 Last attendee of the first Wikipedia:Academy Awards May 16, 1929
Wikipedia:Mickey Rooney Living Last male star from 1930s Hollywood 1930s
Leon Ames[9] 10|12|1902|1|20 Last Wikipedia:Screen Actors Guild founder March 1933
Wikipedia:Rouben Mamoulian[10] 12|4|1897|10|8 Last founder of the Directors Guild 1936
William Herz[11] Living Last cast member of 1938 broadcast of Wikipedia:Orson Welles' adaptation of The War of the Worlds October 30, 1938
Wikipedia:Meinhardt Raabe 4|9|1915|9|2 Last cast member with dialogue in The Wizard of Oz August 12, 1939
Moyer "Sonny" Bupp 11|1|1928|1|10 Last cast member of Wikipedia:Citizen Kane 1940 to 1941
Wikipedia:Elisha Cook, Jr.[12] 5|18|1903|12|26 Last cast member of The Maltese Falcon October 3, 1941
Fay Helm[13][14] 9|27|1909|4|9 Last cast member of The Wolf Man December 12, 1941
Wikipedia:Madeleine LeBeau Living Last credited cast member of Casablanca November 26, 1942
Wikipedia:Theodore Bikel[15] Living Last cast member of The African Queen February 20, 1952
David Nelson 1|11|1936|10|24 Last member of the Nelson family as featured in Wikipedia:The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet October 3, 1952, to September 3, 1966
Wikipedia:Joyce Randolph Living Last member of the Honeymooners quartet October 1, 1955, to September 22, 1956
Wikipedia:Corey Allen 6|27|1934|6|29 Last cast member of Wikipedia:Rebel Without a Cause October 27, 1955
Wikipedia:Pernell Roberts 1|24|1928|5|18 Last cast member of Wikipedia:Bonanza September 12, 1959, to January 16, 1973
John Stephenson Living Last cast member of Wikipedia:The Flintstones September 30, 1960, to April 1, 1966
Wikipedia:Janet Waldo Living Last main cast member of Wikipedia:The Jetsons September 23, 1962, to March 3, 1963
Wikipedia:Frances Reid[16] 2|3|1914|12|9 Last original cast member of Wikipedia:Days of our Lives November 8, 1965, to today
Wikipedia:Betty White Living Last regular cast member of Wikipedia:The Golden Girls September 14, 1985, to May 9, 1992
Wikipedia:Ollie Johnston 4|14|1912|10|31 Last of Wikipedia:Disney's Nine Old Men n/a


Name Death Historical event Date of event
Wikipedia:Hypatia of Alexandria c. 415 AD (c. 64 - 45) Last librarian of the Wikipedia:Library of Alexandria 400 BC to 391 AD
Wikipedia:Charlotte Brontë 3|31|1816|4|21 Last member of the Wikipedia:Brontë family
Francisco Ayala 11|3|1906|3|16 Last poet and representative of Wikipedia:Generation of '27 1923 to 1927
Jonathan Williams[17] 3|16|1929|3|8 Last member of The Black Mountain poets 1933 to 1956
Chawley P. Williams[18] 12|2|1935|12|28 Last member of Centre Ave. Poets' workshop 1965


Name Death Historical event Date of event
Wikipedia:Alessandro Moreschi 3|21|1858|11|11 Last Sistine Wikipedia:castrato singer 1891
Henry Townsend[19] 9|24|1909|10|27 Last Paramount blues recording artist 1918 to 1935
Wikipedia:Dorothy West 8|16|1907|6|2 Last member of the Wikipedia:Harlem Renaissance 1919 to 1930s
Patricia Marie "Patty" Andrews Living Last member of the Wikipedia:Andrews Sisters 1925
Wikipedia:David "Honeyboy" Edwards 7|29|1915|6|28 Last Wikipedia:Delta blues performer 1928 to 1942
Wikipedia:Herb Jeffries Living Last member of the Wikipedia:Earl Hines Orchestra December 28, 1928, to December 1940
Huey Long 5|10|1904|4|25 Last member of the Wikipedia:Ink Spots 1931 to 1964
Wikipedia:Paul Tanner Living Last member of the original Wikipedia:Glenn Miller Orchestra 1937 to 1944
Wikipedia:Jiří Traxler 8|7|1912|3|12 Last collaborator of Jaroslav Ježek 1938
Ross Barbour[20] 8|20|1928|12|31 Last founding member of Wikipedia:The Four Freshmen 1948
Wikipedia:Joey Bishop 10|17|1918|2|3 Last member of the Wikipedia:Rat Pack 1950s to 1960s
Tony Washington[21] Living Last member of the original Junior Walker & The All Stars 1950s to 1980s
Wikipedia:Tony Terran Living Last member of the Wikipedia:Desi Arnaz Orchestra October 15, 1951, to May 7, 1957
Wikipedia:Abdul Fakir Living Last original member of the Wikipedia:Four Tops 1953
Wikipedia:Bill Pinkney 7|4|1925|8|15 Last original member of Wikipedia:The Drifters May 7, 1953
Wikipedia:Marshall Grant 8|7|1928|5|5 Last member of Johnny Cash’s original backing duo 1954 to 1980
Bernard Wilson[22] 12|26|1946|7|12 Last original member of Wikipedia:Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes 1954 to 1996
William Clancy 12|4|1935|9|2 Last member of Wikipedia:The Clancy Brothers 1955
Wikipedia:Carl Gardner[23] 6|12|1928|4|29 Last founding member of Wikipedia:The Coasters October 1955
Wikipedia:Jerry Lee Lewis Living Last participant in the Wikipedia:Million Dollar Quartet December 4, 1956
Wikipedia:Barry Gibb Living Last original member of the Wikipedia:Bee Gees 1958
Wikipedia:Jimmy Cobb Living Last musician to play on Wikipedia:Kind of Blue March 2 and April 22, 1959
Wikipedia:Otis Williams Living Last original member of Wikipedia:The Temptations 1960
Wikipedia:Michelle Phillips Living Last original member of the Wikipedia:The Mamas & the Papas 1965
Wikipedia:Mitch Mitchell 11|12|1947|7|9 Last member of Wikipedia:The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1966
Wikipedia:Tommy Ramone Living Last original member of The Ramones March 30, 1974


Name Death Historical event Date of event
Wikipedia:Charlie Emig 10|17|1875|4|5 Last surviving Major League Wikipedia:Baseball player from the 19th Century n/a
Wikipedia:Chet Hoff 9|17|1891|5|8 Last living baseball player during the Wikipedia:Dead-ball era 1900 to 1919
Wikipedia:Freddy Parent 11|2|1875|11|25 Last living player of the first World Series October 1 to 13, 1903
Wikipedia:Billy Werber 1|22|1908|6|20 Last teammate and opponent of Wikipedia:Babe Ruth July 11, 1914, to May 30, 1935
Bob Motley[24] Living Last umpire of the Negro Leagues 1920 to 1960
Bill Hoffman[25] 6|4|1901|8|6 Last member of the Wikipedia:Frankford Yellow Jackets 1924 to 1931
Edgar Nollner[26] 1|15|1904|11|11 Last living musher of the Wikipedia:1925 serum run to Nome January 7 to February 1, 1925
Wikipedia:Francisco Varallo 8|30|1910|2|5 Last Player from the Wikipedia:1930 World Cup July 13 to 30, 1930
Wikipedia:Errie Ball Living Last participant of the First Wikipedia:Masters Tournament March 22, 1934
Jimmy Dunham[27][28] 7|25|1912|0|0 Last Indianapolis 500 Wikipedia:riding mechanic May 30, 1935
Wikipedia:Herbert Morris[29] 7|22|1915|7|16 Last member of the 1936 Olympic-gold crew team August 1 to 16, 1936
Don Vodden[30] Living Last charter member of the Gypsies August 14, 1938
Wikipedia:Eddie Joost[31] 4|12|1916|6|5 Last member of the Wikipedia:1940 World Series winning team October 2 to 8, 1940
Raymond Parks[32] 6|20|1914|6|5 Last member of the group that founded Wikipedia:NASCAR 1947


Name Death Event Date
William Greer[33] 11|2|1799|11|11 Last individual to live in the 1700s January 1, 1700, to December 31, 1799
Hussein Abd El Rassuhl[34] 0|0|1910|0|0 Last member of Wikipedia:Howard Carter's team which discovered the Tomb of Wikipedia:Tutankhamun November 4, 1922
Nick Clifford[35][36] Living Last worker involved in the construction of Wikipedia:Mount Rushmore 1927 to 1941
John Lundberg[37] 3|10|1907|0|0 Last Ironworker to help construct the Wikipedia:Empire State Building and Wikipedia:Chrysler Building 1929
Tommy Nelson[38] 3|26|1912|5|10 Last worker to help construct the Wikipedia:Hoover Dam 1931 to 1936
Harry Fogle[39] 2|10|1913|8|1 Last worker who participated in the construction of the Wikipedia:Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge January 5, 1933
Elsie Lloyd[40] Living Last living witness to the discovery of Wikipedia:Sutton Hoo May, 1939


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