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This is a list of songs about Wikipedia:rain. It is a very frequent topic of song lyrics and titles,[1] including many memorable and emotional songs.[2] Rain is a recurring motif for bad news and low spirits.[3]

The topic of songs about rain has received attention in many newspapers and similar media, lists having been published by (inter alia) the Wikipedia:Daily Telegraph,[3][4] the Wikipedia:Palm Beach Post,[5] Wikipedia:U-T San Diego,[6] Wikipedia:Yahoo![1] and[2]

In 2003 American country music artist Wikipedia:Gary Allan even released a song called "Wikipedia:Songs About Rain", complaining about hearing too many songs on this topic on the radio at a time of personal sadness.

Wikipedia:Bollywood films include many songs set in Wikipedia:monsoon rains, which add intensity to the delight or distress of the scene.[7]

Fans of the Wikipedia:Grateful Dead recount several occasions when the band's performances of songs about rain were precursors of rainstorms.[8]

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