This is a list of street names of commonly used recreational drugs. Such names vary according to location, and tend to change over time. Many names are used to describe several different recreational drugs.

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List of street names of individual drugsEdit

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Drug name Street names
Cannabis Acapulco gold, Acapulco red, Afgani indica, African, African black, African bush, African woodbine, Airplane, Alice B. Toklas, Angola, Ashes, Assassin of Youth, Astro turf, Atshitshi, Aunt Mary, B, Baby, Baby bhang, Babysitter, Bale, Bamba, Bambalacha, Bammies, Bammy, Bar, Bash, BC bud, Belyando spruce, Bhang, Black bart, Black ganga, Black gold, Black gungi, Black gunion, Black mo/black moat, Blanket, Block, Blonde, Blowing smoke, Blue de hue, Blue sage, Blue sky blond, Blunt, Bo, Bo-bo, Bobo bush, Bomber, Boo boo bama, Boom, Broccoli, Bud, Bullyon, Burnie, Butter flower, C.S., Cam trip, Cambodian red/Cam red, Canadian black, Canamo, Canappa, Cancelled stick, Cannabis tea, Carmabis, Cartucho (Spanish), Catnip, Cavite all star, Cest, Charas, Charge, Cheeba, Cheeo, Chemo, Chiba chiba, Chicago black, Chicago green, Chira, Chocolate Thai, Christmas bud, Chunky, Churus, Citrol, Climb, Cochornis, Colas, Coli, Coliflor tostao (Spanish), Colombian, Colorado cocktail, Columbus black, Cosa (Spanish), Crazy weed, Cripple, Crying weed, Cryppie, Cryptonie, Cubes, Culican, Dagga, Dawamesk, Dew, Diambista, Dimba, Ding, Dinkie dow, Dirt grass, Ditch, Ditch weed, Djamba, Do a joint, Dody, Don jem, Don Juan, Dona Juana (Spanish), Dona Juanita (Spanish), Doob, Doobee, Doobie/dubbe/duby, Doradilla, Draf weed, Drag weed, Dry high, Dube, Duby, Durong, Duros (Spanish), Earth, El Gallo ("rooster"), Endo, Esra, Fallbrook redhair, Fatty, Feeling, Fine stuff, Finger, Finger lid, Fir, Firewood, Flower, Flower tops, Fraho/frajo, Fu, Fuma D'Angola (Portugese), Gage/gauge, Gange, Ganja, Ganoobies, Garbage, Gash, Gasper, Gasper stick, Gauge butt, Ghana, Giggle smoke, Giggle weed, Goblet of jam, Gold star, Golden, Golden leaf, Gonj, Good butt, Good giggles, Goody-goody, Goof butt, Gorge, Grass, Grass brownies, Grasshopper, Grata, Green, Green buds, Green goddess, Greens, Greeter, Greta, Griefo, Griefs, Grifa (Spanish), Griff, Griffa, Griffo, Grow(s), Gunga, Gungeon, Gungun, Gunja, Gyve, Haircut, Hanhich, Happy cigarette, Harsh, Has, Hawaiian, Hawaiian Black, Hawaiian homegrown hay, Hay, Hay butt, Herb, Herba, Homegrown, Honey blunts, Hooch, Hot stick, Indian boy, Indian hay, Indian hemp, Indica, Indo, Instaga, Instagu, J, Jamaican gold, Jamaican red hair, Jane, Jay, Jay smoke, Jive stick, Joint, Jolly green, Joy smoke, Juan Valdez (Spanish), Juanita (Spanish), Juja, Ju-ju, Kabak, Kaff, Kalakit, Kali, Kansas Grass, Kate bush, Kawaii electric, Kaya, KB, Kee, Kentucky blue, Key, KGB (killer green bud), Khayf, Ki, Kick stick, Kief, Kiff, Killer green bud, Killer weed, Kilter, Kind, Kind bud, King bud, Kona gold, Krippy, Kumba, Kush, L.L., Lakbay diva, Laughing grass, Laughing weed, Leno (Spanish), LG (Lime Green), Lid, Light stuff, Lima, Llesca, Loaf, Lobo, Loco (Spanish), Loco Weed (Spanish), Locoweed, Loose shank, Love weed, Lubage, M.J., M.O., M.U., Macaroni, Macaroni and Cheese, Machinery, Macon, Maconha, Mafu (Spanish), Magic smoke, Manhattan silver, Mari, Marimba (Spanish), Mary, Mary and Johnny, Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Mary Jonas, Mary Warner, Mary Weaver, Matchbox, Maui wauie, Meg, Megg, Meggie, Messorole, Mexican green, Mexican locoweed, Mexican red, Mighty mezz, Modams, Mohasky, Mohasty, Monte, Mooca/moocah, Mooster, Moota/mutah, Mooters, Mootie, Mootos, Mor a grifa, Mota/moto (Spanish), Mother, Mu, Muggie, Muggle, Muggles, Muta, Mutha, Nail, Nigra, Northern lights, Number, O.J., Pack a bowl, Pack of rocks, Pakaloco, Pakalolo, Pakistani black, Panama cut, Panama gold, Panama red, Panatella, Paper blunts, Pasto (Spanish), Pat, Philly blunts, Pin, Pocket rocket, Pod, Poke, Pot, Potlikker, Potten bush, Prescription, Pretendica, Pretendo, Queen Ann's lace, Ragweed, Railroad weed, Rainy day woman, Rangood, Rasta weed, Red bud, Red cross, Red dirt, Reefer, Reefers, Righteous bush, Rip, Roach, Roacha, Rockets, Root, Rose marie, Rough stuff, Rubia (Spanish), Ruderalis, Rugs, Salad, Salt and pepper, Sandwich bag, Santa Marta (Spanish), Sasfras, Sativa, Schwagg, Scissors, Scrub, Seeds, Sen, Sess, Sezz, Shotgun, Siddi, Sinse (Spanish), Sinsemilla, Skunkweed, Smoke a bowl, Smoke Canada, Snop, Spliff, Splim, Square mackerel, Stack, Stems, Sticky icky, Stink weed, Stoney weed, Straw, Sugar weed, Super pot, Swag, Sweet Lucy, Swishers, Taima, Takkouri, Texas pot, Texas tea, Tex-mex, Thirteen, Thumb, Toke, Torch, Trauma, Tray, Trees, Triple A, Trupence bag, Tustin, Twist, Twistum, Unotque, Vega, Viper, Viper's weed, Wacky weed, Wake and Bake, Weed, Weed tea, Whackatabacky, Wheat, White Russian, White-haired lady, Yeh, Yellow submarine, Yen pop, Yerba (Spanish), Yerhia, Yesca, Yesco, Zacatecas purple, Zambi, Zol.[1]
Cocaine 51, Aaron, All-American drug, Angie, Aspirin, Aunt, Aunt Nora, Balling, Banano, Barbs, Basa, Base, Base crazies, Base head, Based out, Basing, Basuco (Spanish), Batman, Bazooka, Bazulco, Beam, Beam me up Scottie, Behind the scale, Beiging, Belushi, Bernice, Bernie, Bernie's flakes, Bernie's gold dust, Big bloke, Big C, Big flake, Big rush, Billie hoke, Bing Crosby, Bipping, Birdie powder, Black rock, Blanca (Spanish), Blanco (Spanish), Blast, Blizzard, Blotter, Blow, Blow blue, Blow coke, Blow smoke, Blunt, Body-packer, Bolivian butt spider, Bolivian marching powder, Booster, Bopper, Bouncing powder, Boy, Boy-girl, Break night, Brick, Bubble gum, Bump, Bump up, Bumper, Bumping up, Bunk, Burese, Burnese, Bush, C, C & M, C joint, C-dust, C-game, Cabello (Spanish), Cadillac, Caine, California cornflakes, Came, Candy, Candy C, Candy flipping on a string, Candy sticks, Candy sugar, Caps, Carnie, Carrie, Carrie Nation, Caviar, CDs, Cecil, Chalked up, Chalking, Champagne, Charlie, Chase, Chicken scratch, Chippy, Choe, Cholly, Cigamos, Coca, Cocaine blues, Cocktail, Cocoa puff, Coconut, Coke, Coke bar, Cola, Combol, Comeback, Connie, Cooking up, Coolie, Cork the air, Corrine, Corrinne, Cotton brothers, Crack, Crack bash, Crisscrossing, Croak, Crystal, Dama blanca (Spanish), Devil's dandruff, Dirties, Do a line, Double breasted dealing, Double bubble, Draf, Dream, Duct, Dust, Dynamite, El diablito (Spanish), El diablo (Spanish), "El Perico (""parrot"")", Electric kool-aid, Esnortiar (Spanish), Everclear, Fast white lady, Five-way, Flake, Flame cooking, Flamethrowers, Flash, Flave, Fleece, Flex, Florida snow, Foo Foo, Foo foo stuff, Foo-foo dust, Foolish powder, Freebase, Freeze, Frisco special, Frisco speedball, Friskie powder, Frontloading, G-rock, Gaffel, Geek-joints, Geeze, Ghostbusting, Gift-of-the-sun, Gift-of-the-sun-god, Gin, Girl, Girlfriend, Glad stuff, Go on a sleigh ride, Gold dust, Goofball, Greek, Gremmies, H & C, Half piece, Handlebars, Happy dust, Happy powder, Happy trails, Have a dust, Haven dust, He-she, Heaven, Heaven dust, Henry VIII, Her, Hitch up the reindeers, Hooter, Horn, Horning, Hunter, Ice, Icing, Inca message, Jam, Jejo, Jelly, Jim Jones, Joy powder, Junk, King, King's habit, Lace, Lady, Lady caine, Lady snow, Late night, Leaf, Line, Liquid lady, Love affair, Ma'a, Macaroni and Cheese, Mama coca, Marching dust, Marching powder, Mayo, Merck, Merk, Mighty white, Mix, Mo, Mojo, Monkey, Monos (Spanish), Monster, Mosquitos, Movie star drug, Mujer (Spanish), Murder One, Nieve (Spanish), Nose, Nose candy, Nose powder, Nose stuff, Number 3, One and one, One bomb, One on one house, One plus one sales, Onion, Oyster stew, P-dogs, Paradise, Paradise white, Pariba, Pearl, Percia, Percio, Perico (Spanish), Peruvian, Peruvian flake, Peruvian lady, Picking, Piece, Pimp, Polvo blanco (Spanish), Pop, Powder, Powder diamonds, Premos, Press, Primo, Primo turbo, Primos, Pseudocaine, Purple caps, Purple haze, Quill, Racehorse charlie, Rane, Raw, Ready rock, Real tops, Recompress, Rider, Rock star, Rock(s), Roxanne, Rush, Sandwich, Schmeck, Schoolboy, Scorpion, Scottie, Scotty, Scramble, Seconds, Serial speedballing, Serpico 21, Sevenup, Shabu, Shake, Shaker/baker/water, She, Shebanging, Sherman stick, Shot, Shrile, Sleigh ride, Smoke houses, Smoking gun, Sniff, Snort, Snow, Snow bird, Snow seals, Snow white, Snowball, Snowcones, Soap, Society high, Soda, Soft, Soup, Space, Spaceball, Speedball, Speedballing, Speedballs-nose-style, Splitting, Sporting, Squirrel, Stacks, Star, Star-spangled powder, Stardust, Studio fuel, Sugar, Sugar boogers, Sweet stuff, T, Talco (Spanish), Tardust, Teenager, Teeth, The five way, Thing, Tio, Toke, Toot, Trails, Trey, Turkey, Tutti-frutti (Portuguese), Twinkie, Uptown, White boy, White dragon, White girl, White horse, White lady, White mosquito, White powder, Whiz bang, Wicky, Wild cat, Window pane, Wings, Witch, Woo blunts, Woolas, Woolie, Woolie blunt, Wooties, Working bags, Yam, Yao, Yay, Yeyo (Spanish), Zip [2]
Ethchlorvynol (Placidyl) Jelly Bellies, Pickles, Greeny meanies[3]
Heroin A-bomb, AIP, Al Capone, Antifreeze, Aries, Atom bomb, Aunt Hazel, Back to back, Bad bundle, Bad seed, Bag, Ball, Balloon, Ballot, Bars, Bart Simpson, Batman, Beast, Belushi, Big bag, Big doodig, Big H, Big Harry, Bin laden, Bindle, Bipping, Birdie powder, Black eagle, Black pearl, Black stuff, Black tar, Blanco (Spanish), Blank, Blow, Blows, Blue bag, Blue star, Bomb, Bombido, Bombita (Spanish), Bombs away, Bone, Bonita (Spanish), Boy, Boy-girl, Bozo, Brain damage, Brea (Spanish), Brick gum, Broja, Brown, Brown crystal, Brown rhine, Brown sugar, Brown tape, Bull dog, Bundle, Butu, Caballo (Spanish), Caca, Calbo (Spanish), Canade, Capital H, Caps, Carga (Spanish), Carne (Spanish), Channel swimmer, Chapopote (Spanish), Charley, Chasing the dragon, Chasing the tiger, Chatarra (Spanish), Cheese, Chiba, Chicle (Spanish), Chieva, China cat, China White, Chinese red, Chip, Chipper, Chiva/chieva (Spanish), Choco-fan, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate rock, Chucks, Cigarette paper, Climax, Cocofan (Spanish), Cook, Cook down, Cotics, Cotton brothers, Courage pills, Crank, Crap, Crisscrossing, Crop, Crown crap, Cura (Spanish), Cut-deck, Dead on arrival, Dead president, Deck, Deuce, Diesel, Dime's worth, Dinosaurs, Dirt, DOA, Dog food, Dogie, Doogie/doojee/dugie, Dooley, Doosey, Dope, Double breasted dealing, Dr. Feelgood, Dragon rock, Dreck, Duji, Dujra, Dujre, Dust, Dusting, Dynamite, Dyno, Dyno-pure, Eightball, Eighth, El diablito (Spanish), El diablo (Spanish), Estuffa, Ferry dust, Five-way, Flamethrowers, Flea powder, Foil, Foo foo stuff, Foolish powder, Frisco special, Frisco speedball, Frontloading, Furra, Galloping horse, Gallup, Gamot, Garbage, Gato (Spanish), George, George smack, Get off houses, Getting snotty, Girl, Give wings, Glacines, Glass, Goat, Gold, Golden girl, Golpe, Goma (Spanish), Good, Good and plenty, Good H, Good Horse, Goofball, Gravy, H, H & C, H - bomb, H Caps, Hache, Hairy, Half load, Half piece, Hard candy, Hard stuff, Harry, Hayron, Hazel, He-she, Heaven, Heaven dust, Helen, Hell dust, Henry, Hera, Hero, Hero of the underworld, Heroina (Spanish), Herone, Hessle, Him, Hitters, Holy terror, Hombre (Spanish), Homicide, Hong-yen, Horning, Horse, Horsebite, Hospital heroin, Hot dope, Hot heroin, HRN, Hype, Isda, Jee gee, Jerry Springer, Jive, Jive doo jee, Joharito, Jojee, Jolly pop, Jones, Joy, Joy flakes, Joy powder, Junco, Junk, Kabayo, Karachi, La Buena (Spanish), La Chiva ("goat"), Lady, LBJ, Lemonade, Little bomb, Little boy, Load, Love boat, Mac, Manteca (Spanish), Major Tom, Matsakow, Mayo, Meth speed ball, Mexican brown, Mexican horse, Mexican mud, Mojo, Money talks, Monkey, Moonrock, Moonstone, Morotgara, Mortal combat, Mud, Murder One, Murotugora, Muzzle, Nanoo, New Jack Swing, Nice and easy, Nickel bag, Nickel deck, Nod, Noise, Nose, Nose drops, Number 3, Number 4, Number 8, Nurse, Ogoy, Oil, Old garbage, Old navy, Old Steve, On the ball, One on one house, One plus one sales, One way, Orange line, P-dope, P-funk, Pack, Pangonadalot, Paper, Paper boy, Parachute, Parachute down, Peg, Perfect High, Perlas (Spanish), Pluto, Poison, Polo, Polvo (Spanish), Poppy, Poro, Powder, Predator, Primo, Primos, Pulborn, Pure, Quill, Racehorse charlie, Ragweed, Rambo, Rane, Raw, Raw fusion, Raw hide, Ready rock, Red chicken, Red devil, Red eagle, Red rock, Red rock opium, Red rum, Red stuff, Reindeer dust, Rhine, Rider, Rush hour, Sack, Salt, Sandwich, Scag, Scat, Scate, Scott, Scramble, Second to none, Serial speedballing, Sh*t, Shmeck/schmeek, Shoot, Silk, Ska, Skag, Skid, Skunk, Sleeper, Sleeper and red devil, Slime, Smack, Smoke, Smoking gun, Sniffer bag, Snotty, Snow, Snowball, Speedball, Speedballing, Spider, Spider blue, Spike, Spoon, Stacks, Stuff, Sugar, Sweet dreams, Sweet Jesus, Sweet stuff, T.N.T., Tar, Taste, Tecata (Spanish), Tecatos, Thanie, The beast, The bomb, The five way, The witch, Thing, Thunder, Tigre (Spanish), Tigre Blanco (Spanish), Tigre del Norte (Spanish), Tits, TNT, Tongs, Tootsie roll, Top drool, Train, Twin towers, Twists, Vidrio (Spanish), Whack, White, White boy, White dragon, White girl, White horse, White junk, White lady, White nurse, White stuff, Whiz bang, Wicked, Wings, Witch, Witch hazel, Woola blunt, Woolie, WTC, Z, Zoquete (Spanish)[4]
Ecstasy Emmanuel Poku

List of street names of drug combinationsEdit

Street name Description
51 Combination of crack cocaine with marijuana or tobacco[1]
3750 Marijuana and crack rolled in a joint[1]
A-bomb Marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium[1]
Ace Marijuana cigarette; PCP[1]
Amp Amphetamine; marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or embalming fluid, sometimes laced with PCP and smoked[1]
Amp joint Marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic[1]
Atom bomb Marijuana mixed with heroin[1]
B-40 Cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor[1]
Bad seed Marijuana combined with peyote; heroin[1]
Banano Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine[1]
Basuco (Spanish) Cocaine; Coca paste residue sprinkled on regular or marijuna cigarette[1]
Bazooka Cocaine; combination of crack and marijuana; crack and tobacco combined in a joint; coca paste and marijuana[1]
Black Marijuana; opium; methamphetamine[1]
Black ganga Marijuana resin[1]
Black mote Marijuana mixed with honey[1]
Black rock Crack Cocaine[1]
Blast Cocaine; Smoke crack; Marijuana; smoke marijuana or crack[1]
Blow Cocaine; to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana; to inject heroin[1]
Blunt Marijuana inside a cigar; cocaine and marijuana inside a cigar[1]
Bohd Marijuana; PCP[1]
Bomb Crack; heroin; large marijuana cigarette; high potency heroin[1]
Bone Marijuana; $50 piece of crack; high purity heroin[1]
Boo Marijuana; methamphetamine[1]
Brick Crack Cocaine; cocaine; marijuana; 1 kilogram of marijuana[1]
Brown Marijuana; heroin; methamphetamine[1]
Bubble gum Cocaine; crack cocaine; marijuana from Tennessee[1]
Buda Marijuana; a high-grade marijuana joint filled with crack[1]
Buddha Potent marijuana spiked with opium[1]
Bush Marijuana; cocaine; PCP[1]
Butter Marijuana; crack[1]
Canade Heroin/marijuana combination[1]
Candy blunt Blunts dipped in cough syrup[1]
Candy sticks Marijuana cigarettes laced with powdered cocaine[1]
Caviar Combination of cocaine and marijuana; Crack Cocaine[1]
Champagne Combination of cocaine and marijuana[1]
Chips Tobacco or marijuana cigarettes laced with PCP[1]
Chocolate Marijuana; opium; amphetamine[1]
Christmas tree Marijuana; amphetamine; methamphetamine; depressant[1]
Chronic Marijuana; marijuana mixed with crack[1]
Clicker Crack mixed with PCP; marijuana (WP) dipped in formaldehyde (WP) and smoked[1]
Clickums A marijuana cigarette laced with PCP.[1]
Cocktail Combination of crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular cigarette; to smoke cocaine in a cigarette[1]
Crack back Marijuana and crack[1]
Crack bash Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana[1]
Cubes Marijuana tablets; crack cocaine[1]
Dank Marijuana; the practice of lacing cigarettes with formaldehyde[1]
Diablito (Spanish) Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana in a joint[1]
Dipped joints Marijuana combined with PCP and formaldehyde[1]
Dips Marijuana joints dipped in PCP (phencyclidine)[1]
Dirties Marijuana cigarettes with powder cocaine added to them[1]
Dirty joints Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana[1]
Donk Marijuana/PCP combination[1]
Dope Marijuana; heroin; any other drug[1]
Draf Marijuana; ecstasy, with cocaine[1]
Dust Marijuana mixed with various chemicals; cocaine; heroin; PCP[1]
Dust blunt Marijuana/PCP combination[1]
Dusting Adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana; Using inhalants[1]
El diablito (Spanish) Cocaine, marijuana, heroin and PCP[1]
El diablo (Spanish) Cocaine, marijuana and heroin[1]
Elephant Marijuana; PCP[1]
Frios (Spanish) Marijuana laced with PCP[1]
Fry Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid, sometimes also laced with PCP; Crack Cocaine[1]
Fry daddy Crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack; marijuana joint laced with crack[1]
Fry sticks Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid, sometimes also laced with PCP[1]
Fuel Marijuana mixed with insecticides; PCP[1]
Gangster Marijuana; person who uses or manufactures methamphetamine[1]
Garbage Inferior quality marijuana; low quality heroin[1]
Geek Crack mixed with marijuana[1]
Geek-joints Cigarettes or cigars filled with tobacco and crack; a marijuana cigarette laced with crack or powdered cocaine[1]
Gimmie Crack and marijuana; marijuana joint laced with crack[1]
Gold Marijuana; Crack Cocaine; heroin[1]
Gong Marijuana; opium[1]
Greek Combination of marijuana and powder cocaine[1]
Green Inferior quality marijuana; ketamine; PCP[1]
Gremmies Combination of cocaine and marijuana[1]
Happy stick Marijuana and PCP combination[1]
Herb and Al Marijuana and alcohol[1]
Hocus Marijuana; opium[1]
Hooter Cocaine; marijuana[1]
Hydro Amphetamine; high quality methamphetamine; marijuana; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA); marijuana grown in water (hydroponic)[1]
Illies Marijuana dipped in PCP[1]
Illing Marijuana dipped in PCP[1]
Illy Marijuana cigarettes soaked in embalming fluid and dried[1]
Indonesian bud Marijuana; opium[1]
Jim Jones Marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP[1]
Jive Marijuana; heroin; drugs[1]
Joy stick Marijuana cigarette; marijuana and PCP combination[1]
Juice joint Marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack[1]
Jumbos Large vials of crack sold on the streets; marijuana mixed with crack[1]
Kiff Marijuana cigarette; very potent marijuana from Morocco, Lebanon and other Arab/Middle Eastern countries[1]
Killer Marijuana; PCP[1]
Killer weed (1980's) Marijuana and PCP[1]
Kryptonite Crack cocaine; marijuana[1]
Lace Cocaine and marijuana[1]
Leaf Cocaine; Marijuana[1]
Leak Marijuana/PCP combination[1]
Liprimo Marijuana and crack rolled in a joint[1]
Little smoke Marijuana; LSD; psilocybin/psilocin[1]
Log Marijuana cigarette; PCP[1]
Love boat Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; PCP; blunts mixed with marijuana and heroin; blunts mixed with marijuana and PCP[1]
Love leaf Marijuana/PCP combination[1]
Loveboat PCP; combination of PCP and marijuana[1]
Lovelies Marijuana laced with PCP[1]
M Marijuana; morphine[1]
Macaroni and Cheese $5 pack of marijuana and a dime bag of cocaine[1]
Maui-wowie Marijuana; methamphetamine[1]
Mexican brown Marijuana; heroin[1]
Mo Marijuana; powder cocaine[1]
Oolies Marijuana cigarettes laced with crack[1]
Ozone Marijuana, PCP and crack cigarette; marijuana cigarette; PCP[1]
Pack Marijuana; heroin[1]
Parsley Marijuana combined with PCP[1]
P-dogs Combination of cocaine and marijuana[1]
Pipe Crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances[1]
Pocket rocket Marijuana; marijuana cigarette[1]
Premos Marijuana joints laced with crack cocaine[1]
Primo Crack; marijuana mixed with cocaine; crack and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco[1]
Primo square A marijuana joint laced with crack[1]
Primo turbo Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana[1]
Purple haze LSD; crack cocaine; marijuana[1]
Ragweed Inferior quality marijuana; heroin[1]
Roach Butt of marijuana cigarette[1]
Roach clip Holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette[1]
Rompums Marijuana with horse tranquilizers[1]
Rope Marijuana; rohypnol[1]
Shake Marijuana; powder cocaine[1]
Sherman stick Crack cocaine combined with marijuana in a blunt[1]
Skunk Marijuana; heroin[1]
Smoke Marijuana; Crack Cocaine; heroin and crack[1]
Speedboat Marijuana, PCP, and crack combined and smoked[1]
Squirrel Combination of PCP and marijuana, sprinkled with cocaine and smoked; marijuana, PCP, and crack combined and smoked; LSD[1]
Stick Marijuana; PCP[1]
Super grass PCP; marijuana with PCP; marijuana[1]
Syrup Combination of marijuana and cough syrup[1]
T Cocaine; Marijuana[1]
Tea Marijuana; PCP[1]
Thai sticks Bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo[1]
Thirty-eight Crack sprinkled on marijuana[1]
Tio Cocaine-laced marijuana cigarette[1]
Torpedo Marijuana and crack[1]
Turbo Marijuana and crack[1]
Viper Marijuana smoker[1]
Wac PCP on marijuana[1]
Water Blunts; methamphetamine; PCP; a mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar; Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB)[1]
Water-water Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid, sometimes also laced with PCP[1]
Weed Marijuana; PCP[1]
Wet Blunts mixed with marijuana and PCP; methamphetamine; marijuana cigarettes soaked in PCP ("embalming fluid") and dried[1]
Wet daddies Marijuana joints that are dipped in formaldehyde, often mixed with PCP[1]
Wet sticks Marijuana combined with PCP and formaldehyde[1]
Whack Crack Cocaine; heroin and PCP; Crack/PCP mixture or marijuana laced with insecticides[1]
Wicky Combination of powder cocaine, PCP and marijuana[1]
Wicky stick PCP, marijuana, and crack[1]
Wollie Rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette or in a cigar[1]
Woo blunts Marijuana; marijuana combined with cocaine[1]
Woola blunt Marijuana and heroin combination[1]
Woolah Hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack[1]
Woolas Cigarettes laced with cocaine; crack sprinkled on marijuana cigarette[1]
Woolie Marijuana and heroin combination; marijuana and crack cocaine combination[1]
Woolie blunt Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana[1]
Woolies Marijuana and crack or PCP[1]
Wooly blunts Marijuana and crack or PCP[1]
Wooties Crack smoked in marijuana joints[1]
X Marijuana; amphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)[1]
Yeola Marijuana and crack[1]
Yerba mala (Spanish) PCP and marijuana[1]
Zay A mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar; blunts[1]
Zig Zag man Marijuana; LSD; marijuana rolling papers[1]
Zooie Holds butt of marijuana cigarette[1]
Zoom Marijuana laced with PCP; PCP[1][1]


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