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Live art is performance undertaken by an Wikipedia:artist or a group of artists, as a work of art. It is an innovative and exploratory approach to contemporary performance practices.[1] Live Art can also be referred to as time-based art, as the exploration of Wikipedia:temporality tends to be a key theme of this sort of work.


The term came "Live art" into usage in the Wikipedia:United Kingdom in the middle of the 1980s to recognize both new and existing performance work as a form of creative expression. Live Art is influenced by a diverse array of other forms including Wikipedia:visual art, Wikipedia:Experimental theatre and Wikipedia:dance.


Live Art is a varied and diverse practice. By its very nature live art "defies precise of easy definition beyond the simple definition that it is live art by artists".[2] Below are a series of definitions of the term Live Art:

Wikipedia:Tate Collection:

"Live Art mainly refers to Wikipedia:Performance art and Wikipedia:Action art and their immediate precursor Wikipedia:Happenings, together with the developments of Wikipedia:Performance since the 1960s.[3]

Wikipedia:Live Art Archive:

"Live Art can be defined as "art work that broadly embraces ephemeral, time-based, visual and performing arts events that include a human presence and broaden, challenge or question traditional views of the arts".[4]

The Wikipedia:Live Art Development Agency:

"Live Art should not be understood as a description of an artform but as a strategy to ‘include' a diversity of practices and artists that might otherwise find themselves ‘excluded' from all kinds of policy and provision and all kinds of curatorial contexts and critical debates".[5]

The Live Art Development AgencyEdit

In 1999 the publicly funded Live Art Development Agency (LADA) was founded in London, UK, to promote and co-ordinate activity in the field of Live Art. The LADA offers resources, professional development initiatives, and projects for the support and development of Live Art practices, and critical discourses in the UK and internationally. Wikipedia:Lois Keidan has been the Director of LADA since she co-founded it with Wikipedia:Catherine Ugwu.[6]

Notable Live Artists and GroupsEdit

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