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Lost in the Riots are a four-piece instrumental post rock (WP) band hailing from Wikipedia:Watford, United Kingdom, a town famous for producing modern hardcore rock acts such as Gallows, Wikipedia:Lower Than Atlantis, and Wikipedia:Sikth.


The band formed in late 2010 after current guitarists James Cook and Adam Edwards had shown a mutual interest in each other’s previous musical projects.[1]

The quartet released their first EP titled Sinking Ships in October 2011,[2] with current drummer Andy Curd and bassist Robbie Parmenter joining the group.

The band went on to tour parts of the UK including a prestigious support slot with the critically acclaimed Wikipedia:math rock band Wikipedia:Tera Melos in Leicester,[3] as well as concerts in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Brighton, and Chichester.

In June 2012, the band embarked on a short tour across parts of Europe, playing in Wikipedia:Jena, Germany, as well as Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels, and Wikipedia:Leiden, Netherlands. The band has since toured Europe a further two times, reaching locations further afield including Wikipedia:Prague, Czech Republic, and Wikipedia:Copenhagen, Denmark.[4]

In February 2013, the band released their self-recorded and self-produced debut album Stranger in the Alps.

The record was later picked up by start-up Watford based music label Lonely Voyage who would then go on to co-finance and produce the band’s sophomore album Move On, Make Trails released in June 2014.[5]

The album contains the single Kong,[6] notable after British funnyman Wikipedia:John Cleese tweeted his support[7] for the track’s accompanying video, resulting in thousands of views.

The band showcased early material from their sophomore album at Wikipedia:Truck Festival in 2013, having been voted to play the festival’s main stage by festival goers.[8]

Rock musician Wikipedia:Andrew W.K would later invite the band to play Truck Festival in July 2014.[9]

Lost in the Riots will also make an appearance at the Wikipedia:Arctangent festival, Bristol in August 2014.[10]

Musical styleEdit

The band’s music is characterised by typical rock instrumentation whilst abandoning traditional song structuring, a typical characteristic of post rock music. The band has frequently been compared to notable Wikipedia:instrumental rock bands Wikipedia:And So I Watch You From Afar, Wikipedia:Maybeshewill, and Wikipedia:Explosions in the Sky.

Notably, the band differs from the crop of Wikipedia:hardcore rock, Wikipedia:punk rock, and Wikipedia:progressive metal bands that Watford has produced.


  • James Cook (Guitar)
  • Adam Edwards (Guitar)
  • Andy Curd (Drums)
  • Robbie Parmenter (Bass)

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • Stranger in the Alps (Lonely Voyage Records) (February 2013)
  • Move On, Make Trails (Lonely Voyage Records) (June 2014)

EPs Edit

  • Sinking Ships (EP) (Self-Released) (October 2011)


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