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Marcel Hillaire (born Erwin Ottmar Hiller) (April 23, 1908 – January 1, 1988) was a TV character actor with a sinister, gaunt appearance and a distinctive accent which seemed to be composed of equal parts French and German.

He played character parts in several TV shows, including Wikipedia:Lost in Space, Wikipedia:Get Smart, Wikipedia:The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and McCloud.[1] He appeared in Wikipedia:Woody Allen's early movie Wikipedia:Take the Money and Run.

Hillaire appeared in Germany under the name Harry Furster to disguise his Jewish ancestry. Jailed by the Nazis, he escaped, and came to America, acting in television from 1952, later appearing on Broadway in "The Heavenly Twins" and "Silk Stockings" in 1955.

He was to become famed for his later French impersonations and other comical portrayals of stereotypical characters. In his first motion picture, the romantic comedy Sabrina (1954) he appeared as 'the professor', "vainly attempting to teach budding cordon bleu chef Audrey Hepburn how to break an egg"-IMdB.[2]

During the 1960's, Marcel worked on the European section of Wikipedia:MGM Studios lot, particularly active in the spy spoof genre, notably Wikipedia:The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964) , Wikipedia:Get Smart (1965) and Wikipedia:I Spy (1965). In science fiction, he appeared twice on Twilight Zone (1959) and at the beginning and end of the third season of Lost in Space (1965), as two different characters.


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