In 1989, the United States invaded Panama (WP) and took into custody, a major player in the CIA's illegal trade in narcotics: Manuel Noriega. To avoid potential embarrassment or outcry or even criminal charges, the US refused to allow testimony on Noriega's activities for the CIA. After his sentence ran out, the US allowed France to extradite Noriega on money laundering charges, in order to seize the properties he had bought in France-ignoring the requests from Panama itself for extradition on charges of murder and human rights abuses. Soon after France had seized $3.6 million of his frozen assets, he was returned to Panama.

The US was quick to reestablish the cocaine trade for themselves, to fund CIA operations in Central America. Fuelling the consumption of crack cocaine made it possible to both, repress to some extent the political force that the African American community represented, but more importantly, to lower its credibility and establish it as a problem in the minds of racist and even centrist white americans.

The following year, there was a major shortage of marijuana in the United States. The timing makes it seem extremely probable that Noriega or his connections were involved in the smuggling of marijuana as well, but the CIA had not interested itself in the reestablishment of this much less lucrative trade until years later. Alternatively, they decreased the supply of marijuana deliberately, to increase traffic in crack.

"The marijuana drought that kick-started the crack economy had not lasted long, and by the late 1990s, marijuana was cheaper more readily available than ever..."[1]
"September 1990 MSG shows smoke ANYWHERE...I asked everyone in the whole section we were in for MSG G Dead..Nobody would even spare a. single joint....I remember they were selling T-Shirts showing Bush and Clinton shaking out a rug lookin for bud scraps.... What a weird year....we smoked homegrown leaf all the way about sad..."[2]
"It was brutal around Detroit. I was 16, and I remember driving half an hour to score a $40 eight of the nastiest Mexican ditcho I've ever smoked. The total garf. That nasty shit that looks like a handful of brown potato chips with the seeds and stems all squished in it."
"I remember going to Deer Creek that Summer practically dry. You could've traded a quarter for half a sheet!"[2]

Links Edit

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