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The planet Mars in astrology (WP) is considered to possess a number of qualities which influence events on Earth .

When the Norse came into contact with the Greco-Roman tradition of gods, they sought commonalities with the new gods in their own. They took the naming system of days of the week after gods from the Southern Europeans as well, giving English speakers the weekday names used today. Mars is still the name most used in other European languages - Martes in Spanish, etc, but English uses Tuesday, after the god Tyr, the god of trust and loyalty considered most close to the martial Mars god. Tyr gave up his hand to make the rest of the gods safe; The Ferir Beast quite sensibly did not trust the gods to put a collar on it, but accepted this once Tyr had placed his hand into the beast's mouth.

According to Manilius, the planet Mars is ardent, and presides over the genitals. Called "The Bringer Of War" in Alan Leo's What is a Horoscope?, since the planet is associated with the Roman god of war, Mars in Western astrology is associated with confident and aggressive personalities. It is also associated with the principles of energy, ambition and drive.

Mars is considered the ruling planet (WP) of Aries (WP). Before the discovery of the planet Pluto, it was also considered the ruler of Scorpio (WP). Most modern astrologers consider Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, but may regard Mars as a co-ruler, while some more traditional astrologers still regard Mars as the only ruler of Scorpio. The regard of Pluto has further changed, with its designation being changed to a dwarf planet by the scientific community.

In (WP), Mars is ruled by the element fire.

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