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The planet Mercury is held in Western astrology to possess certain qualities that influence events on Earth.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. According to Manilius, it is an inconstant, vivacious, and curious planet that presides over the right leg. Called "the winged messenger" in Wikipedia:Alan Leo's book What is a Horoscope?, Mercury represents the principles of mentality, thinking patterns, rationality, transport, reasoning, and communication. This follows from the planet being named after the Roman messenger god.

In astrology, the positions of heavenly bodies in the Earth sky is considered. This geocentric perspective makes for a few differences with the heliocentric one of astronomy. The Sun is a planet, and because the orbits of Mercury and Venus lie inside that of Earth's, they follow the Sun, never straying far from it, and move 'faster' than it does when they are not in retrograde motion.

In Wikipedia:Chinese astrology, Mercury is ruled by the element water.

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