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Synonym for Minibus, although it of course more specifically denotes a smaller bus
See Kombi on Hippiepedia and Volkswagen Transporter and Volkswagen Type 2 on Wikipedia
While of course a VW bus was, can be, and will continue to be called a hippie bus, that article is more specifically about converted school buses
VW Bus T1 in Hippie Colors 2

The back bumper reads "Flash Backs Happen"

The Microbus was the forerunner of today's minivans, introduced by Volkswagen in the early 1950's using an air-cooled, rear engine layout similar to the VW Beetle ("Bug"). Typically identified by its distinctive split windshield, production of the Microbus ended in model year 1967, replaced by a larger version with a one piece windshield, larger engine, and rounder styling.

Available as a cargo van, camper, or passenger van, the base microbus was the Kombi, identifiable by the absence of the rearmost side windows, the Deluxe, and the most sought-after models, the "21-window" amd "23 window" buses, identifiable by four additional narrow windows in the roof on the right and left sides, in addition to the normal windows in the body.

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