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The Mirassol UFO Incident is the name given to an incident in which it is said that Brazilian security guard Antonio Carlos Ferreira was abducted from his workplace - a furniture factory in Wikipedia:Mirassol, São Paulo - on July 28, 1979.[1]

Initial encounterEdit

According to his own accounts, Ferreira was approached at his place of work, at 3am, by three humanoid figures who tranquilized him with a light-emitting gun before taking him aboard a smaller ship which ferried him to a larger craft further away.[1] Once on board the ship, Ferreira states that he was positioned in front of a large television-like device and presented with a variety of images before being forced to mate with an alien woman, after which he was tranquilized again and returned to his place of work.[1]

Ferreira described his abductors as being approximately 1.2 meters tall with pointed ears, slanted eyes and human-like mouths. They lacked eyebrows or eyelashes and spoke in a language that superficially resembled Japanese.[1] Some are said to have had dark skin and red curly hair, while others are said to have had light skin and straight black hair.[1] He described their ship as being spherical with three undercarriage-like legs protruding from the bottom, and as having an interior that was lit by bright red and green lights that grew more intense as they approached the craft's ceiling.[1]

Ferreira states that he encountered the aliens again in 1982, at which time their craft is said to have landed close by him so that the alien woman from the first encounter, and a childlike alien, could observe him from a distance.[1] Ferreira is said to have experienced a third encounter later in 1982 in which he was taken into the hangar of an alien craft via a green beam of light before being injected with a yellow substance. He said he was then taken to meet the two aliens once more, the younger of whom he was led to believe was his child.[1] Other encounters are said to have followed, to a total of 16 between 1979 and 1989.[1]


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