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Monika Lee

Monika Lee at Wikipedia:Dragon Con 2013

Monika Lee (born on December 7, 1992[1] in Wikipedia:Atlanta, Georgia[2]) is an award-winning[3] American Wikipedia:cosplayer. In 2013, she joined the cast of reality television show Wikipedia:Heroes of Cosplay.[4]


Jessica Nigri & Monika Lee

Monika Lee dressed as Wikipedia:Sailor Mars (left), co-hosting a costume contest with Wikipedia:Jessica Nigri (right) at the 2014 Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Lee has been cosplaying anime and especially video game characters since 2006,[5] when she dressed as Yuna[6] at the age of 13,[7] and is a frequent collaborator with the cosplayer Wikipedia:Jessica Nigri in the XX Girls group.[8][9][10][11][12] She has been acclaimed and featured by gaming media outlets such as Wikipedia:Game Informer[13] and Wikipedia:GamesRadar,[14] as well as showcased in various other publications.[15][16][17] Lee worked as a cosplay model at Wikipedia:E3 2012 for Hyperkin,[6] at Wikipedia:E3 2013 and Wikipedia:San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 for Wikipedia:Blizzard Entertainment,[18] and at PAX East 2014 for Wikipedia:Carbine Studios[19] and Wikipedia:NC Soft.[20] She was invited as a guest or host at multiple fan conventions, including Amazing Arizona Comic Con,[21] Wikipedia:Anime South,[22] FantasyCon,[7] Wikipedia:MomoCon,[23] Wikipedia:Montreal Comiccon,[18] Ottawa Pop Expo,[24] and Wikipedia:Pensacon.[25]

Lee is a Milton High School graduate[26] and was the youngest of the Wikipedia:Heroes of Cosplay show's original cast of nine.[27] As of 2013, she has been studying industrial design at the Wikipedia:Georgia Institute of Technology, whose website claimed "she has an online fan base twice the size of the student population,"[4] and was working as an intern for the licensing and business development team at Blizzard Entertainment.[28]

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