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List of Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center

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Nazi War Criminals are suspected of committing war crimes, usually genocide (WP), on behalf of Nazi Germany or any of the Axis Powers during Wprld War II.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Edit

Each year since 2001, Wikipedia:Efraim Zuroff of the Wikipedia:Simon Wiesenthal Center produces an Annual Status Report on the Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals which, since at least 2005, includes a list of "most wanted" criminals.

The 2013 list is as follows:[1]

  1. Wikipedia:Alois Brunner (age born: |1912|4|8}} if still alive, last seen in 2001, in Syria. Cataloged in 2013 as Priority Target)
  2. Wikipedia:Gerhard Sommer (age born: |1921|6|24}}. Last known location: Germany)
  3. Wikipedia:Vladimir Katriuk (age born: |1921|10|01}}. Last known location: Canada)
  4. Wikipedia:Hans Lipschis (age born: |1919|11|07}}. Last known news: Arrested in Germany, 2013,[2] found unfit for trial due to dementia).
  5. Wikipedia:Ivan Kalymon (age born: in years|1921}}. Found in United States, lost US citizenship, Ordered deported in 2011, but remains in the United States pending an appeal)
  6. Wikipedia:Søren Kam (age born: |1921|11|02}}. Last known location: Germany)
  7. Wikipedia:Algimantas Dailidė (age born: |1921|3|12}}. Last known news: Deported from USA to Germany in 2004. Sentenced to five years imprisonment, but was diagnosed "medically unfit to be punished".)
  8. Wikipedia:Mikhail Gorshkow (age born: in years|1923}}. Last known location: Estonia) - case dismissed due to insufficient evidence in October 2011.
  9. Wikipedia:Theodor Szehinskyj (age born: in years|1924}}. Last known location: United States)
  10. Wikipedia:Helmut Oberlander (age born: in years|1924}}. Last known location: Canada)

Named on previous listsEdit

See also Edit

  • Klaus Barbie, "Butcher of Lyon", who escaped with the help of the German Intelligence service BND, the CIA, and the Gladio European sovereignty destruction program. He boasted afterwards that he killed Che Guavara.


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