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Nancy Carole Tyler was personal secretary who was, in the 1060s, thrust further into the center of a great deal of media attention, and more notoriety in conspiracy writing than evidence of culpability or even involvement supports.

She was secretary to Bobby Baker and a roommate of Mary Jo Kopechne.[1] Her name is linked by association with others to a call girl (WP) procurement service in the early 1960s, which operated from a base at the Quorum Club, in Washington, D.C. It provided noteworthy Washington people, such as members of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, with access to prostitutes.[2] Ellen Rometsch disclosed details of this service.

Tyler died in a plane which was lost over the Wikipedia:Atlantic Ocean. Formerly secretary to George Smathers, she leaked to Baker the information that President Lyndon B. Johnson (WP) was going to be dropped from the ticket with John F. Kennedy (WP) for the 1964 U.S. presidential election.[3]

Conspiracy theories Edit

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Conspiracy theorists have made much of the fact that Tyler shared an apartment with Mary Jo Kopechne, also an aide to Senator George Smathers and later to Senator Bobby Kennedy (WP). Tyler was killed in an airplane crash during 1965. Kopechne was killed during 1969, in an accident on Chappaquiddick Island in a car driven by Senator Ted Kennedy. Noting these women's unfortunate and untimely deaths, some conspiracy theorists have used this to associate the Bobby Baker scandal with the John F. Kennedy assassination. However, these theories are widely disregarded by historians and subsequent investigations due to Baker's role in the Democratic Party and well-known friendship with John F. Kennedy, as well as Ted Kennedy's involvement with the second death. Others contend that Baker did not have any relationship to these tragedies other than perhaps coincidentally knowing the people who were killed.

Further reading Edit

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