Hopefully, and there is a good chance it is so, this term amounts to nothing much. Most often, it is simply National used as an adjective to distinguish Capitalism within a nation and it may or may not even imply interaction between the government of the nation and capitalists.

Much less often, there is the term as described in Wikipedia:Business nationalism, where the government is protectionist and isolationist, and Business Nationalists are from varios sectors of the right-wing, including anti-immigrant Nativists, Red Scaremongers, White supremacists, Racial Segregationist and those who believe or proselytize a Jewish banking conspiracy (HP: Banking vs Economic Warfare vs Jewish banking conspiracy; WP: Antisemitic canards).

Then there is the obvious congruence of nomenclature to Nazis, National Socialism, that makes the phrase so attractive to Nazis who do not much care for Socialism in any case. This is hardly surprising, since Nazism is, in hindsight, an intolerant demanding selfish bestial Hubris diametrically opposed to the gracious generous humble Humanism of Social activists.

Perhaps, and again hopefully by coincidence, the distinction of national as opposed to international capitalism is what Donald Drumpf[1] is playing out as bait for his policies. Any number of groups are opposed to international corporations; so this, which can only be yet another lie in some, as yet unknown respect, will be insidious and harmful. Mostly because the greater the extent of cooperation, the more efficient, and just as corporations are more efficient than small business, international corporations are more efficient than national ones. Their efficiency is limited to total profit, of course, and does not in any way benefit from the efficiency of a society that shares equally in those profits, one that can truly cooperate because it is not coerced or cheated. Nonetheless, since Egalitarianism is not only not forthcoming, but receding rapidly into the past, this benefit is not to be had from either national nor international business, and so the net effect of Mein Drumpf will be a negative one.

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  1. Donald Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)-Trump's personality and the history of his family's true last name

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