Ocean pressure electric conversion is an electricity generation and seawater desalination technology based on water pressure differences created by depth. It operates on the principle that the difference between water pressure at depth, or hydrostatic pressure, and normal atmospheric air pressure inside an enclosed and submerged Air-Water-Gravity generator device, or AWG, drives a linear piston electric generator. Richard Malcolm Dickson of Wikipedia:Portland, Oregon, invented both the OPEC concept and the AWG device.[1]

A prototype AWG has yet to be built, but several scientists and engineers have attested to the validity of the OPEC concept. Conceptual drawings are available.[2]

OPEC is a competitive way to generate clean, renewable hydroelectric power from oceans and deep lakes without external fuel input. It is superior to its main competitor, Wikipedia:Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), in cost, geographic limitations, and efficiency. OTEC is limited to deep oceans in tropical latitudes where there is a large temperature differential from surface to depth, requires deep water, and averages about 10% efficiency.

A benefit of OPEC electric power production is desalination of seawater using reverse osmotic membranes.


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