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Ukrainian nationalist extreme Near-Nazi (WP) Near-Fascist groups were involved in the Orange Revolution demonstrations; at this early stage, they were mostly there to gather support for it from their members, and gather support for themselves. It was not until the 2013 Euromaidan(WP) and the Ukrainian coup (WP) of 2014 that they were used as extensively as footsoldiers, security guards, terror squads, and the like.[1] However, the involvement of Americans and Ukrainian Americans is evidence that the Orange Revolution was steered by US intelligence operatives, from offshoots of the CIA.

The Orange Revolution is thus linked to the rise of Fascism (WP) in Europe, and its use by the US as a tool of regime change (WP)

More importantly, as the Fascist groups are almost certainly a tool to be discarded once their usefulness is ended, Yuschenko's government was the means by which the money interests of Europe and the US were to make their first real gains in the country, with billions of dollars in International Monetary Fund (WP) loans[2] that, as with all Economic Hit Man efforts, give them political leverage over entire countries.

The possible resultant sequence of events is, consequently, as follows :

2004: US feints assassination and poisons Yuschenko with CCD, active ingredient in Agent Orange, to create a false flag (WP).
When (WP) failed, they whipped up reports of the other side rigging, and then comes the telltale sign: the results of the election are completely nullified. This could not happen in the US without, say, Supreme Court deliberation and judgements, but in Ukraine, the switch was made overnight.
In the next election, the plan has changed. No attempts are made to fix the results of the election, and consequently, Yuschenko garners 5% of the vote. Yanukovich gets his proper landslide numbers, and is in. But his political demise is already fated; the Nuland-Pyatt phone call is only years away, and planning for a new coup is ON.

Yanuschenko got only 5% of the vote and had a 4% approval rating before the elections[2]

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