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Owning an Electric Car (ISBN 978-1-907670-01-5) is a yearbook by eco-technology author Michael Boxwell, with foreword written by British motoring journalist and former Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson.

The book describes the realities of owning an electric car on a day by day basis. The author has owned and used electric cars for four years and has written an informative and objective guide for anyone looking to buy and use an electric car.[1]

The book covers all the concerns that people have about owning an electric car - range,[2] performance, practicalities, recharging[3] - and provides a directory of all the electric cars available today. The book also includes a comprehensive look at the environmental impact of electric vehicles[4] and documents real world tests comparing electric cars with comparable internal combustion engine cars, showing the full carbon impact of using both vehicles.[5]

Originally launched in January, 2010, the book is currently on its second revision (as of June 2010).[6]


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