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A pariah state (the term in English, pariah, from the Indian Paraiyar or Parayar) is a nation whose conduct is considered to be out of line with international norms of behavior by either the rest of the international community (such as the United Nations (WP)), or through the UN by some of the great powers with their unequal power in the UN Security Council. A pariah state may face International isolation, sanctions or even an invasion by nations who find its policies or actions unacceptable. The term is closely related to the phrase "Rogue state".


There is no definitive definition of a pariah state, the term has been applied to different states at different times, and is often a designation made for political purposes. Some proposed definitions have included states with provocative policies or expansionary territorial ambitions, measures of the absence of Wikipedia:diplomatic relations with neighboring states or the situational harm posed to other states if the state in question acquired Wikipedia:nuclear weapons.[1] Another candidate for definition has been a state lacking any significant Wikipedia:soft power.[2]


At various times in the past, the following states have been labeled or treated as pariahs in the international system. Some of them are still labeled as such at present:



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